Monday, May 28, 2007


It's not that I don't write in my journal. Or blog. I do. Just, I do it at MySpace. I'll try to be better here. It's a little different though. I mean, MySpace is not only my blog place but also... hm. Something else, I'm sure. I keep going back. Probably for the bulletins.

But I'll be better!

See what I made today?

Pretty sweet.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Huh, all that stuff helped.

Scary stuff.

While out in Stevens Creek Canyon yesterday, helping my friend with a movie she had to film, one of the other actors started complaining about his arm feeling numb. And then he started shaking. No one else knew what to do, but I remembered some stuff out of my first-aid training in Young Women's. So we got him onto the trail and had him lay down and propped his legs up. He started to get really out of it, so I asked him questions for about 15 minutes. I made him drink water and splashed some on his arms and face. I'd sent a girl to run down the trail until she had a signal on her phone and then to call 9-1-1, and I guess she found a hiker on the way too because he came running up and helped me. The paramedics came, at last, and they helped him. By the time they arrived, he was pretty awake. But he couldn't really talk much.

But, he's okay now. It's all good. It was just really stressfull.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm an auntie...

I'm officially an Auntie. The baby has been born. He is flesh blood and air now. No more inside my sister. Entirely his own self. I have never felt so much love for one being before. Especially considering I haven't even seen him yet. Heh.

Bradley David Lyle.

I love him so much. I can hardly wait to be with him as he grows up.

Laura says he has her hair. Lots and lots of it. Heh. Cute. She also says he has Brock's mouth and chin. Heh heh. Good. Brock has a good chin and an EXCELLENT smile. Laura has gorgeous hair too. He has his grandpa's names, too. Bradley Lyle and David Thomas. What a lucky kid.

What a lucky woman I am.