Thursday, June 26, 2008


I got to sleep in today. :3 I slept in really late. It was lovely. But, also a mistake, because I should have gone to the store. Alas...

My room mates and I are throwing a house warming party this weekend. It'll be very chill and laid back, but we need food. I am not excited to buy that food--it will be a lot of food. T_T

But I went to my neighbors house this evening for Jaren's surprise party! I went early to help Tim set up, and no one else showed up to help. I was shocked. So we made cake, and cleaned the house, and put food out. He watered some trees outside while I watered the plants inside. I later decorated the cakes as people came. The party was fun and there was dancing by the end of it, lots of fun music. I got to see Hannah and had SO much fun chattering with her about whatever and ever. Secret stuff. Y'know. Like. Whatever.

Afterwards, I helped clean up. I washed the dishes while Tim put food away and such. He got some of the chocolate cake on his shirt and was silly and refused to go change out of it into something else, so I had to clean it on him.

Anyway. I baby sit the bebe tomorrow, as usual. I am determined to get there on time. Goodness.

Did laundry today too.

To do:
Study for history final
Clean my room
Clean the house
Buy food, and party food
Weed the backyard
Buy a tree (?)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Why am I laughing like a crazy head? I will tell you later. Seriously, I will.

I made some Mushroom Leek soup this evening, and it turned out well. A teensy bit thin, but no one need know but the people in the family who know better. And the taste is still right and good, so the ward will be happy at the Linger Longer. Happiness prevails.

I wrote a song on Garage Band the other day, and I'm highly pleased because I can't read music to save my life. But I can hear the note that I need and the program has a nifty little sound to note thing. Kind of thing. Like... I put a note on the scale and it sounds it so I can adjust until it's right, and then I put another one beside it. And adjust the length of each note. :3 I am very happy.

Mmm... Mmmm! I took a final today! My first final! My arts of asia class. I studied like a madwoman for it and I think I did really well!!! I felt so confident in my answers. ^_^ YEE!! And the teacher took me aside and said I was looking at a B average, which is WAY more than I thought I had. So, whoa and yay! I'm so pleased. SO pleased.

And I've been feeling so inspired to write and things are coming nicely out.

All in all, good mood all around.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mah Ha!

I feel like I should write something here.

O hai?

I've been very busy with work and school. Trying to get sleep in wherever possible, too. Yesterday I was really sick though, and called work to see how heavy it was and told them I was willing to come in. But they said it was fine, I should rest. I was grateful, but now it's Friday, almost friday noon, and the pain remains. This all sucks something fierce.

Anyway, I have to go buy food today. Also, deposit money. And clean my room. All before 2. Then Jacqueline comes over for some creativity time, and then I go to Gwen's for dinner. :3

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Moving, settling, and relaxing

Today was complicated. Very complicated. I'm extremely tired.

First off, I got 1 hour of sleep last night. My mind was racing, for some bizarre reason. *shrug* Then I got up at 7am to get ready for school. I did my homework, turned it in, and then went back home.

I then proceeded to get some rest.

Then I packed my remaining things--things I use regularly. Ooh. That was tiring. Then it was off to the shorebreeze to fetch my moving buddies. It took over an hour to round them all up. But we needed every one of them: James, Meredith, and Jaren. My brother-in-law came a short while later and he helped us.

We moved everything into a U-Haul van and drove it to my house. Then we emptied it all into the garage. Most people left, so I trickled some of the stuff out. But I left around 6:15 to go to a talent/variety show to see all my friends perform. It was awesome.

Then James and I drove back to my parents to get the desk we forgot and some more food and bedding. Then back to my house, where James put my desk in my room, and then constructed my drafting table and my bed. Then we went to his apartment and watched Moulin Rouge because I hadn't seen it. I liked it. It made me cry.

After that, I was a zombie walking, but by the time I got home I was more awake, so I unpacked some more. Mostly, the things I needed. Computer stuff, my bedding, clothes, pajamas, scriptures. But I haven't found all my shoes, so I'll have to dig those up before church or else go in converses. Hrm.