Monday, September 28, 2009


I went through my Google Reader subscriptions today, and started unsubscribing from things that often post items that are... not completely evil, but they are not uplifting. Away they went. I'm not even remotely sad about it, either. I don't need to be bombarded by inappropriate sexual humor.

On the home front, I hurt my shoulder about a week ago. I was confined to a chair after that, and did basically nothing. No school, even. Which is a little stressful because I missed a lot of deadlines. But my teachers are being supportive and have given me alternatives and extensions. :)

I was feeling a lot better yesterday (each day brought me a little closer to fully healed) and was able to walk around and do a few things. I decided to sleep in my bed last night. Silly me. I woke up with bad neck pain again. The problem with my bed is that I roll around in my sleep and put bad pressure on my neck. It's always been a little rough on me, and I would wake up with neck pain more than a few mornings a week. But it always dissipated and I was fine.

Clearly, it is not fine.

But I will not be conquered by this little hill. I'll get past it, and find a solution.

Friday, September 04, 2009

A day that is really two days

Today was an interesting day. Why? I shall tell you. At this moment. Please proceed below.


And here.

Also, here. Good, I have you now.

I suppose my "interesting day" began last night when I watched a documentary called, "People Like Us" with my family and it brought to the realization that I am a high quality individual. Not that I did not know this, but I had forgotten. Or something akin to forgetting (Ignoring?). Such a realization instilled a burning panic that screamed, "Buy new clothes!"

So we went to Gilroy this morning, and my father was kind to me and invested some money into a very nice wardrobe for me, including but not limited to, 2 new skirts, 2 blazers, a silk blouse, and a white collar shirt. Also, a pair of caramel colored heels.

It's like my legs are dipped in caramel, making them delicious and desirable (Food analogies are the best).

I then proceeded to my sisters house to hold the baby while she had a very important conversation with a very important man about her very important book which she has devoted very important years to. The result? A fabulous, epic win.

An agent.

There was a lot of excitement when the phone turned off, followed by the phone reactivating as she called some loved ones. I was lucky and heard it first, being in the room with her. The baby was asleep and also has no conscious memory yet. I think.

This happening made me feel unaccomplished for a while. Then I realized that I am 22 years old, in college, teaching myself the guitar, writing 4 novels simultaneously, illustrating a graphic novel I spent 5 years writing, and saving infrequent dollar amounts to have an opportunity to sell my art in a public forum.

So, I'm not doing so bad.