Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pirates in the sky

Inspired! I have an idea for an amazing watercolor! I need to sketch it before it goes away! How convienient I was clicking on this link when it struck me...

Oh you are my star

I bought a CD off iTunes. I spent a long time trying to find the least expensive way to get this CD and this was the cheapest way. And the only way. But I sure do love Eisley.

And so today. Or maybe yesterday? I went to weight lifting. Very silly peoples there. Ha ha, and the notorious rakes (only Stuart shall understand). I played Settlers of Catan with Cami and Ganelle afterwards. I won once and then Cami beat me (mercilessly). Ganelle was thoroughly distracted by her homework, so, we killed her.

They left sometime and I was left to read Beauvallet. Such a cool romance book. Pirates are sweet and romance is cool, so a good combo.

Then Kris showed up and I became flustered. But having that... conversation with him did make me come to a realization. That there is a difference between the thoughts behind religious testimonies and the thoughts behind political views. That being that when one is building ones testimony, you are finding "proofs" for what you wish to believe. You are finding truths that support your case. And the more you search, the more you will find supporting your cause, and you will build it up. But, the thought behind political views is to decide what you believe and to disprove everyone elses ideas. That's why "political discussions" between two people of opposite political views always turn into arguments; you aren't supporting your ideas, you are disproving theirs. Hence, I loathe politics. They make people angry and frustrated. Both feelings I hate. And that's why I love religion and testimonies. Because you don't depend on others being wrong to be right. You depend on yourself and your ability to discover truths. It's so much simpler and more pleasant.

I shared that with Carolyn and we both felt edified.

I finished my math homework with little terror and went off to math class. Took some notes, did half of my homework in class, and showed the score of a quiz to him so I got credit for it. That should amp up my grade a little bit.

When I left I remembered Ryan was having a little party so I went there and we played Hand and Foot. We ate pizza and I enjoyed that game a lot, now that I think back on it... hm. Then we played Super Smash Brothers, which I am not too terrible at but Ryan is better than us to a startling degree easily defined as unfair. Then, I taught everyone how to play Mao. Such a good game. You learn to play and think "I hate this!" and then suddenly, you love it. It's sweet!

Today, I slept in because art was canceled. Went to school and arrived early so I chilled in institute with Cami, Ganelle, and Derk. Derk was sore from his sky diving convention (and a trip into a briar patch) so I gave his back a massage (and he grateful). Then I was off to english to turn in my six pages of writing. The in class writing wasn't too bad either.

I got home sometime and made some food and rested in front of the TV (there was horrible traffic coming home from an accident).

Now I shall shower. Then finish my math. Et cetera.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sweet! I came in 3rd!

All right, all right. I know. I am truly losing my blogging touch. I used to be able to update 4 times a day, for years on end. It was shocking how good I was. Then one day... I graduated. And people were seeking my attention rather than me seeking theirs. I am still growing used to this, even after almost a year of it.

Rawk! Let the update begin! *fwah*

Sunday was super. I got up, went to church, enjoyed church to no end, discovered Derek was indeed still out of town, planned (with the help of the ever useful Leighann) a pleasant FHE, made fliers for said FHE, distrubuted said fliers about said FHE (I'm enjoying the used of "said" here), handed my sketch book over to a 7-year-old for close inspection, ate a ton of chocolate things, called someone in Idaho, scribbled down directions to hook up a mixer to a sound system and projector, and felt tired. A lot. Heck, I feel tired just having written that because it makes me sound busy. Wug.

After I got home from church (yes, that all happened during church between 1 and 4 pm) Hiro came over and home taught me. A good home teacher, that Hiro. And Laura and Brock came over and ate our soup with me and we told hilarious stories about my beloved grand parents and pistachio chocolate chip ice cream (aka, Mint chocolate chip). Other things happened too that have slipped from my mind in a ninja like manner.

Today (proceeds to alter time on entry to make it Monday - what time it truly is, you shall never ever know) I got up thinking I had a reason to. I made a few phone calls and got dressed because I was promised shoes if I did. I proceeded to watch What not to wear with my ever hilarious father and brothers. Then we went to Nordstrom Rack and I was lovingly given two pair of shoes and a big soft blanket (let it forever be known as The best blanket ever). I enjoy my shoes and will wear them now as often as time permits. Diesel makes good shoes, fyi. Fyi. Fyi. I hate that phrase but am too lazy to delete back and edit in the full phrase. I'm lazy like that. That makes me cool.

After all that shopping goodness, I went to Trina's for FHE. Well, more like I went to Safeway for oreos to bring to FHE. My mom had me throw our watermelon rinds away before hand. I was whistled at by an obnoxious person in an ugly rusted Chevrolette, and the guy at the check out stared at me... I was fully confused. It must be the shoes. They are pretty sexy...

FHE!! We met at Trina's (a most excellent Relief Society President) and enjoyed chocolate confections and The Pirates of the Caribbean. And my blanket. We did enjoy that. Although, I did lose in Mario Cart. Everytime I play, no matter who I play as (this time I was Yoshi), I come in 4th and have horrednous steering. Except that one time I came in 3rd. Such pride I felt.

Now I am home. And tired. And my room is clean because I succumbed to my ever complusive ways and put my clothes away. Thus it became known that I have a floor. A floor commonly labeled as "tan." A floor which last night I saw had a fat spider of gross evility on (which I promptly squished repeatedly with my flippity flop). I also had a small spider on my ceiling. I killed that too. It left a mess though. A leg or two fell onto the top bunk. I felt sick. Bleah. Spiders are so not cool.

I have things to do, a bed to sleep in, and a class to attend tomorrow. Which is actually today, but I trick you with my skillful time changing ability. I am amazing like that.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


All right!

Today, is Saturday. Yesterday was Friday. Let's start there.

We went to see X-men 3: Last Stand. It was good, but I wanted to cry half the time because of all the stuff Jean did. I did not expect any of it and it just got worse and worse.

I watched Sleeping Beauty last night. Such a nice movie. So good. Why don't they make villians like Malificent anymore? Or weapons like, "The Shield of Virtue" and "The Sword of Truth." Man, those are the best. Everything was cool then. Malificent was genuinely evil. She had minions and evil power and she was brilliant and completely awesome. She had all the powers of Hell (she said so herself). The fairies were hilarious and cool and so passionate! Everyone was awesome! There were so many things in this movie that would be "unacceptable" nowadays. Stu says the Sword and Shield bit (of truth and virtue) are straight from the bible. And when Phillip threw the sword at her, there was blood. And they did say the world "Hell" (in reference, of course). It was all cool. So cool. I'm happy.

Also, yesterday my mom has this lovely sparkly wind chime I really liked, so I traded her one of my hand made (the ones I make) stuffed animals for it. Now I have a little wind chime! And she has the stuffed doggie.

I got up at 1 today and went to the bank (finally) and deposited my paycheck. Now, I have some money. Not much, but I have some. I can pay tithing and pay back my parents. Huzzah!

I want to watch another movie. And to hang my wind chime.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

*crack crack* That'd be my knee, darlin'

How does one sleep when one's body is full of sharp aching pains? Yeah. That's what I thought. When I mention these pains of sharpness, I refer to my knee. And my torso. But let's focus on the former.

The past two weeks have been vicious on my poor knee. We did rock climbing for FHE last week and it totally strained my knee. It hurt for a few days afterwards. We also run in weight lifting and that was never good for me. Then at the softball thing on saturday I over worked my knee again and it developed a sharp constant pain that has been haunting me since then. It only went away on tuesday. Lucky me, huh? Not for long! Today I was standing on the couch chair (do not ask, it makes no sense) and was climbing down. Easy as pie, yes? Totally. But I slipped. And my knee bashed into the arm rest and I fell down and couldn't stand for a while. And now I have a fatty bruise on my knee right on top of my old surgery scar. It's like the scar just decided to... swell. *puff* It's not so pretty. Well, it's a pretty shade of purple but the concept behind that purple is pain. Pain does not equal pretty, even if the pain is purple.

Anyway. That's my biggest concern as of... now. My torso hurts, I'm sure, because I'm hungry. I will eat and the pain shall subside and recovery shall be imminent. Huzzah!

And I will sleep. Probably. And this time, keep myself fully conscious as I go to bed. When I woek up this morning, I realized I could not remember what I did last night after I put my math down. I worked on my math and then set it down and the suddenly! I was waking up to my alarm. When did I set my alarm? How did I get in bed? When did I turn off my light? They are all mysteries....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The life effect

So, last night I uploaded the pictures from my camera and discovered pictures from a trip to the beach! And so, I shall put them here. How very friendly of me!

Behold! Jared has lazer telepathy! See? He can shoot a lazer from his forehead! Beeew!
See the fire? It's nice. Very warm. But see that red thing? That'd be Jared's telo-lazer.
But why did he lazer me?! I burn!
Jared surveys his destructive power.
Amy has the lighter spray near her. About two seconds before Jared lazered me, she sprayed me with that. Horrible!
You see? They had it all planned! Take pictures of Alli as she burns!
That's me, after the pictures and such. This is when they started feeling bad. Yeah, took forever!
But it was too late! Alas!
Poor me... I'm going out...
But I'm like a Pheonix! I burn and then get reborn into something better! LIKE A PIRATE!

(No Alli's were harmed in the making of these photos, and though Pirates were involved, no one was plundered or pillaged. On film)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We descend so easily

Ah me.

Today was not so good. I came to sad conclusion. I thought a lot about it and decided what was best. And I'm confident in my choice. I'll give him a chance and forget about the other guy. I saw them both today (a rare occurence) and it's decided. I hope it's the right one.. *sigh* We shall see, won't we?

Anyway. I got up early and straightened my hair for a change (which, by the way, I am never doing on work out days again). Went to weight lifting, lifted, felt strong, laughed, etc. A good fun time. ^_^ Afterwards, though, I ended up letting Stu convince me to go to Starbucks with them all. I got to meet Ashley and she's terribly nice! She and Stu are so nice. Tad is nice too, a bit of a recluse, but it's all good. And Spencer... is Spencer. I don't know how to describe him.

we all went to Starbucks and Stu bought me a chocolate milk (which is real milk, by the way - The label tells you true) and then we followed Tad and Spencer to Whole Foods and they bought this magical mint water (they call it Mmwater).

Spencer: "It's like, you're drinking it and thinking 'I'm drinking water' and then you stop drinking it and then you're suddenly all 'Whoa! Mint!'"

Tad: "Yeah, totally!"

And they were right. It's very much water with a mint aftertaste. Very odd. I liked it though, and I'm not much of a mint person. *shrug* it made my sore throat feel better, so I shan't complain.

We mosied somewhere on campus (not sure where, I started feeling dazed at some point) and then I found myself alone, much to my dismay. Tad found himself alone and found me and we were alone together. So we took our lonely selves off to find the abandoners once known as Stu, Ashley and Spencer. Then Spencer and Tad went away, and I went away, and Stu and Ashley were left in the hot, hot (heat!) cafeteria.

I went back to the institute and felt forlorn for some odd reason. So I went into the other room and played Settlers of Catan. I felt better after that. But once everyone left I felt forlorn again. So I spoiled myself and ate junk food and played Zelda. Good times.

Went off to math and discovered I have an 86 in that class. So, I need to work harder! After class, Nichole and I ended up sitting on a bench talking about books and writing until 7. Then I went to Brother Cottle's last institute class ever (*sob*) and it was so good. I wrote down his address and such so I can write him with questions or something. He is so cool.

Other things happened but... yeah. I care not to expound on them here for the people they concern may read this. The constant risks of having a blog. Whatever.

I think I'll do some math tonight. And some writing. I have good story ideas and desire to write them down.

Ugh, and my one sunburned ear peeled today. It was so random. It just came off! Bleah!


I think I'm getting a cold. My throat hurts. It's not that morning throat sore either. And my nose is stuffing up. *gr* I hate colds.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Who cried during Sleepless in Seattle the first time? Brother Walton!

So, last night and the wee hours of this morning were spent doing art. Massive amounts of messy pastels. My hands are still stained. Even after countless scrubbings of my hands and a shower. Ah well. But I digress.

I had a busy weekend. I worked from 5-10 on friday and was very tired. I got up at 9 on saturday and went to the service project at the stake center. That was supposed to last until noon. We finished at 10:45. 4400 emergency kits! In 45 minutes! Go us! Everyone was so into it and we were so organized! I got there at 10 and put towels in bags until 10:30, when we finished with those kits. Then I ran to the baby blankets section and bagged up those until they were all done. We worked so hard.

Then, at 12, most of my ward showed up and we all played softball until 2:30. I got sunburned, along with the rets of ward. I gave Josh Erskine a ride home. I came home and rested. Took a luke warm bath for my burns. And then spent satursya resting my leg, because I over worked my knee and it started hurting like it used to. It still hurts. *grump*

Sunday, I got up for ward counsel. Went to that. Yay! Church was all around good. Then I went home and we celebrated Stu's birthday early because he's spending the summer with 3900 monkeys. So cool!!! Monkeys!

Today I was so tired, I missed my alarm by an hour and was late to art. Turned in my project and went back to institute and took a five minute nap before Derk woke me up. Then I couldn't sleep anymore. So I visited with everyone. Janelle, Cami, and Jess and I went to Wendy's (my first time!) and we ate. I didn't get sick off the milkshake/frosty thing which means it isn't made of real ice cream. They are full of lies.

When I got home, I took another nap. When I awoke, I made two batches of brownies, printed out the list of facts, and off I went to FHE. FHE was good. Everyone really enjoyed it! I'm so glad they liked it, I spent so long preparing. When I got home, Mom had bought my new work out pants. I suppose they're more capris...

Stuart and I discuss hair.

I showered. Clean! But it aggravated my sun burns. They are red and stingy now.

I go and make myself feel less pain.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Check it! I am burned!

Ack! I'm sunburned! Alas. My arms are pink. And just the top of them. And it's a farmers burn. And there's a white band where my braclets were. X) Ha ha! Poor arms. And nose. My nose is pink too. I should take a cool bath. I want a hot one, but I am burned... Alas.

Cool. I finished my phone calls. I have some rewording and cut and pasting to do, then i'm good and done.

I have a pastels project due monday. Goodie goodie gum drops.

And I hurt my knee being so very active today. It's hurting crazy much! I have to limp or it hurts unbearably. T__T Oww....

Aw, look at the lady bug-- AH!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?

So yesterday I got a package in the mail from Grant. He sent me some Tim Tam's. I really like these chocolates! Karren showed me how to eat them properly and now I will never eat them another way again. Ever. So good.

I also had work yesterday. I worked from 5-10 and closed with Rowan. I fell in love with 3 pieces of jewelry and a pair of shoes. I vowed to start saving 80% of my paycheck for my laptop, and letting the other bit be for myself to spend. So I got paid a certain amount yesterday... Great, I get 10 dollars to spend! I can save that up too. I can do this, ya'll. I'm capable!

Today, though, I got up at 9 and got dressed in clothes I could work hard and play hard in. I drove to the stake center, arriving just at 10, and helped the stake package up humanitarian kits for disaster survivors. We finished an hour early! I helped the baby blanket packagers too. It was so awesome!

The my ward and I played softball. I warmed up my catching with Jared Collins, then I warmed up my batting, and Josh showed up so I warmed up my throwing with him too. Then we were off into teams and we played softball and we had such a blast! I don't know who won, I don't think anyone cared. We were all having too much fun. Rick cooked us all up some barbeque and we really enjoyed the meat. Meat. Meat. Love that meat.

After everyone ate, those of us who wanted to started practicing our batting. It was awesome. I didn't do too badly. And when everyone was done, I gave Josh a ride home.

Anyway. I'm home and feeling a bit... tired. I have some phone calls to perform, then I'll take a nice bath and a nap. *mmm* Sounds marvelous.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


So, today. What a day. Full of surprises. Turns of events. Thickening plots. Need I go on?

*ahem* I went to weight lifting and it was free lift day or something to that extent. Either way, we were allowed to lift whichever machines we wanted as long as we wanted. It was fun! I played with my friends! It was decided I shall call Tad, Thor. Stuart and I laughed a lot. Spencer took to poking me a lot a lot. I poked him back. They changed and we all went off to the lunch forum.

I think they had a good time. They knew people there. Yay, I like it when my friends enjoy themselves because of something I thought of. The thing being to invite them to lunch forum. I would have been very unhappy if they had not enjoyed themselves. I got to talk to the ever mysterious "Ashley" person in Stuart's phone and wear Spencer's super awesome braclet. They all left after a while and I hung out with my institute buddies.

It wasn't long before most of them left too and I was left alone with Kris. We talked and laughed and it wasn't too bad. Good clean times.

But I went to math first! I used my quick and artful tongue to convince the teacher to accept my late work. I took an exam. I'm a bit nervous about this exam. It's really scaring me. I have no idea how I did. I got an 84 on the last exam, so I'm quite terrified of this one.

When I got home, I checked my mail. I'm only interested in one guy right now, shockingly enough. No really. Only one guy. Very silly of me, hm? Not really. He's pretty much "wow." I'm wowed by him. But I'll be keeping this to myself for a long time. As in... DON'T PRY ABOUT THIS. I am not telling. I will when the time comes, if it ever does. But as of now, don't pick the topic up.

My arm is hurting again. How odd.

I think I'll eat some of my ice cream and watch a movie. Ah, I went to the safeway on Pollard yesterday and bought myself a Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie because I just really felt the desire for one. Bad, I know, but what could I do? It called me.. And it was there. And I had money. It was rather spur of the moment too. On my way home, I just suddenly turned onto Pollard and bought it. Huh.

So yes. Movie. Ice cream. Yay.

I work tomorrow from 5-10. Not as long as last weekend (which was 11-6).

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Miss Misery

Yeah yeah, I know. I always have something to complain about. Well, that's because I write when I'm upset. Write or sleep. Whichever is easier to come by. And right now, it'd be writing.

On tuesday in math, I noticed he circled an assignment of mine because part of it was missing. I knew I had done it and couldn't understand where it had gone! This evening... as I prepared to put together my chapter reviews, I noticed that the assignment had been there all alone! It had been on the last page and just seemed to blend right it! I'm furious! I can't show it to him because he won't buy it. He'll think I did it yesterday and I won't get credit-- I'll get chewed out. And because of my stupidity, the chater 4 review was stuck in with another assignment and is covered with work from that assignment. So I tried to redo the first page to clean it up a bit, but now there's so much empty space. He's going to hate me and I'm going to fail. *misery*

And I got yelled at today a lot. By everyone. Talk about horrible! Today. Just bad! Bad day! Gr!

I accidentally slept through art today. Super... I needed the studio time.

Stu yelled at me because I said "Well, they call them my keys so they sort of are" and said I was being snappy. I know when I'm being snappy and I was making extra efforts not to be snappy because Stu thinks I'm always snapping. And I left really upset because of this and left my english printouts at home.

T_T I felt embarassed too because Kris didn't think I truly believe that only one guy likes me (and I'd rather eat hot forks than date him) and we sort of had an argument about that. I hate that subject.

English was rather pleasant because I sat next to a very nice guy who laughed with me and patted my back when I misspelled repetitive (repetive). He had very warm hands and a nice smile. Too bad the other guy next to me was extremely stinky and sweaty and was over-flowing onto my part of the desk... *shudder*

And I got home and the door was locked. Apparently, stu didn't lock it and because I sent him a message that read "Please stop locking the door..." (because we have had this discussion before) he yelled at me for yelling him. Which I didn' yell. I really tried not to. It's hard though when he calls me in a huff and rants at me about rude text messages.. I can't do anything right.

And I didn't do the dishes while mom and dad were gone. I wish I'd had the time. I was going to do some before I left for school but I sort of... slept through my alarm and such. And I wanted to ask Stu if he'd do them while I was gone since he spends the whole day at home reading and watching TV and ninja footage. But I forgot. Because we quarrelled. Again. *sigh* But the dishes did not get done and when I got home I hurt my foot on the door again (remember?) so I calmed down and then everybody got home and Mom and I went to mutual.

I wanted to bring my math to work on since I had so much of it to do, so I grabbed my back pack but forgot to put my math in it. So I didn't get anything accomplished there. I even embarrassed myself in front of the girls. *sigh* We didn't get home until 9:30 and I went to do my math and my tired day sank it and I fell asleep as my family watch American Idol and Bones. Less time to do math, right there.

When I got up I saw I had mail, so I checked it. As I checked, us kids got chastized for not doing the dishes which none of us had time to do. I eat two meals here a day and tend to rinse my bowls and such and I was trying to explain that (Gordo explained his eating habits, so I wanted to explain mine too) and Dad didn't want us to explain (can't blame him, it's rather silly) but he snapped at me and I felt hurt.

So I went upstairs. I'm not used to my arms and their newfound strength from weight lifting. I was also trying not to cry. And there was a spider. So my door sort of slammed. And I got grounded. For going upstairs and slamming my door. That's called "huffing." I feel like a horrible kid. I didn't do the dishes for my mom as I should have, I huffed, and I snap at my family.

I hate being gone, but it's better than being here because when I'm here I'm just horrible to my family and then I argue with Stu, get grounded by Dad, and Mom feels like I hate her. *sigh* It could be worse.

But today had good points too. I did start The Convienient Marriage, sat next to the nice guy (Joe), my iPod didn't die today, and I wrote some music for a song.

My day could have been horrendous. But it just turned out unpleasant. Yay for simple things!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I'd rather eat hot forks

Oh what a day, what a day.

Woke up a little late, was a bit rushed. Got to class on time though. I hurt my knee last night, right? So I didn't have to do the running portion of weight lifting. Not too shabby for me, eh?

Hanging out at the institute was good. I dozed a bit as I tried to cool off. I did my math. Ate junk food (that part made me feel gross) and talked to people. Very cynical people. Boy. Anthony is so unpleasant to be around, I can hardly stand it!

Math was fine. I didn't finish lab 9 in time though... So... Arg. T__T I don't understand why... Poor me.

Now, on occassion I have found myself with sharp stabbing pains to the right of my left hip bone. It's really painful, but usually goes away. I got some this late afternoon and felt unhappy, but went to institute anyway. As of now, the span of pain has increased to the same spot, only on my back. And all areas inbetween. So the lower part of my left abdomen suffers. It's really quite painful.

But I did just doodle something amazingly happy. I am giggling. X) And now I will write because I feel inspired!

Ships piled high with apple pie

I meant to write last night, but... man. I was really tired.

So, FHE. The plan was climbing the Walton's rock wall. I thought there was going to be barbeque too but when someone told me there wasn't, I thought that meant the FHE was canceled. Needless to say, I was worried. But Melissa sent out the email and I felt better. But man... I thought it had to be something else. *mee hee*

And it was a blast! I climbed twice and almost made it to the top. I barely reached the fourth floor on my second try (almost reached the fourth floor on my first). I got invited to go hiking... Bah! There was good food and nice people and the Walton's told us about themselves. They blow glass! For Disney! I'm impressed to no end. But I think I hurt my knee.. It's hurting pretty badly. It hasn't hurt like this for a long time. I'll be sure to tell my weight lifting teacher. I probably shouldn't run.

I was so tired last night, that as I did my math, I totally fell asleep. And when I say totally, I mean, a deep sleep that was really hard to wake up from.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's day

Cool, I can write in here again. I didn't write much about certain things because they were related to my mother's day gift for my mom. Which I gave to her this morning. And she loved it. I wrote her a poem, and then drew a comic to go with it. ^_^ Mom loved it. I felt good.

But, since yesterday I've had yet another head ache. A horrible one that's only on the right side of my head. I tried to sleep it off, but it lingers slightly. I know that once I start driving or get into the sun, it'll start up again. Hence I shall be taking advil. Hurrah!

Mom and dad are gone now. Off to celebrate their anniversary. That's pretty cool. Yeah, today's their anniversary. It's a good day for mom. She was all smiles.

I go to the Serra Park ward today. I want to see what it's like to go to church with people my age and not people tens years older.

Friday, May 12, 2006


Ah me. Today was nice. So very nice.

Last night, I figured I'd hunt up the spider I sprayed and then I'd be able to sleep. I couldn't find it, so I went to wash my face and check again. But when I walked into the bathroom... There was another spider. I started to cry. I was so tired, and the spiders get my heart rate going I was completely stressed. So I got furious and killed the spider and flushed it away. I promptly felt pitiful. I washed up, grabbed my bear, and went down stairs for the night. I was not sleeping in my room now. I overloaded and it just wasn't worth it. I slept on the couch.

I spent most of today drawing in my room. I have missed drawing for fun. It's so relaxing. Ha... Happy.

Also, Dr. Who was pretty much awesome tonight. Can't object to that, huh?

Work tomorrow at 11. Which means, I leave at 10. Which means I'm up at 8. So... I go to bed now!

I know every dirt spot on the walls of my room. And THAT is no dirt spot.

Who can sleep with a spider the size of a quarter on the wall? Not me. I freak out. Correction. I freaked out. I also danced up and down in the hallway feeling terrified, tried to kill it with a shoe, lost my nerve to go within 5 feet of it, wanted desperately to wake up stu, convinced myself it'd be better to sleep down stairs and let the spider live than to wake up Stu and Gordo, who would kill me, sprayed the spider with something stinky, squeaked when it fell off the wall and almost touched me, fled downstairs, and ate a chocolate muffin. In that order.

Oh, want to know why I am so thoroughly tramatized by this night? Well, I went to wash my face and saw a little spider on the wall. It was a baby. An evil baby that crawls and leaves terror in my heart. I went to smoosh it with a wad of toilet paper, and it decided to jump off the wall and onto MY HAND! I screamed! I dropped the wad of toilet paper! I shuddered uncontrollably for a bit. I noticed the spider sitting in the sink. I got mad and drowned it.

Yes, so after I encountered little baby spider, I encountered big spider joe. And I feel so picked on. I'm unhappy. I want to go to bed. But I don't know if I killed big spider joe. He might still be living. In my room.

It would have been worse to have turned out the light with either spiders there. Being in the dark is bad for my nerves, hence I have a lava lamp/night light (Yeah, I'll beat you with a cactus tier if you mock my fear of the darkness. Yes. A cactus tier. That means you'll die). So being in the dark with a spider is a mortifying thought. Even more mortifying? Being in the dark with a giant spider.

I hate spiders. Hate them. Loathing. Gr.

I think I might just sleep, um, not in my room tonight... Or not sleep at all. I can do that. I've done it. I can sleep in the afternoon when I can be sure big spider joe is gone. Yeah.... Maybe.....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who ate the chicken?

I feel welsh today. Mostly because of my hat. It's very welsh.

For some unknown and probably ridiculous reason, I got up two hours before I had to leave, as opposed to the normal one hour. I lost an hour of sleep for no reason. I think I was past the point of rational thought last night when I finished my math. That's a silly reason to get up too early.

Weight lifting is getting easier, though. Ironically enough, I got lazy at some point and started taking off half of what Spencer lifted. Which worked. I didn't die. Not too much suffering either. But I did feel like the weight I used to lift was too light as some point. Yeah. Hm. Weird.

We had pizza for lunch forum today at institute. Free pizza. And lots of pizza. I had two gargantuan slices and ate them in 4 bites. So happy. I have a mouth like a cave. *echo* I discovered that Mark's wife is Natalie Judd. I was shocked and happy. Then I read Devil's Cub until I got tired and promptly took myself a nap. Then I made sure my math was done and off I went to math. Duh.

I got there on time! Probably because I did my math last night and not today during forum. But, once I got there, I learned I didn't have my math done. In fact, I didn't even know about half the assignment! There was a whole nother section of work! I was quite put out. But somehow, through my vast knowledge of math and the power over time I have, I managed to complete 2 hours of math work in 20 minutes. Why? Cause I'm great. Or I like to tell myself that. *cough* yeah. But, the teacher decided to give us about 50 hours of math work this weekend. Probably because he stopped being social the day his white hair and over weightness and jerk of a personality decided to occur at the same time and wants us to not be social too. Curses. Does he not know I am not social enough? I do not need his assisstance!

But that's done and over. I am home. Where there's food, family and my bed. I'll do some math tonight (no, I really will) and tomorrow will be the day I work on a thing... That must be done by sunday. Tomorrow. Comprende?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

To be generic, rather than universal

Today was pretty much awesome. Or is. Currently. There are awesome things going on? Something to that extent.

True, I feel like I didn't get enough sleep last night, which is undoubtably true. But I got to art on time and am doing pretty well on the new project! Yay! And I got to spend my break reading Devil's Cub. No interuptions or distractions. Cami played mancala and I read. English was english. I handed in my review and we all discussed book reviews. Woo hoo. Lots-o-fun there. *waves a little flag* Whatever.

The drive home was good. I took the freeway to Saratoga because the freeway was a way free of cars up to that point. Honestly. Once you passed the turn off to Saratoga, it was completely clogged. Yeah. Took Saratoga to Quito and home from there. It was great!

I'm feeling relaxed too. I'm going to do my math now and give myself tomorrow's break as a real break. With reading. Sweet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

S'almost time for bed

This would be the third week of my arm being in pain. A few weeks ago, I was playing a game of pool and I noticed my upper arm hurt whenever I made a shot. And whenever I lifted things at a certain angle. Or pushed down on things. Like tonight. I went to scrub the table to do some art and I couldn't even use my arm for one stroke. So, I guess I shan't be doing much with my right arm. Or, something. At least, playing pool or scrubbing stuff. Supah dupah. I'll learn to play pool left handed. Maybe it'll work. It's annoying when I'm carrying my things to art. I have a giant armload of things and one good arm. Boo hoo.

I have a collage to do. And 250 words to write. Not too hard, if you ask me.

I'm fond of my little tail-gater...

I'm really tired. I stayed up late doing math again. Bleah. Got 3 hours of sleep again. Bleah! I did take the nicest shower... Mmm.

Weigth lifting was weight lifting. S'all good and fun and I lift stuff.

I went to institute and changed and promptly realized that, hey, I forgot my shoes at home! That sucks! I wandered around barefoot for a while. Mark taught Derk to play another version of Mancala and Derk taught me and I won, once. He beat me twice after that. *grump* I finished my math, went to math, did more math, and took a quiz.

By that time, it was 5:45. Got to my car, dropped off my stuff, got something from the church (a flier about the 20th) and off I went home. There was so much traffic, it was appalling. Not interesting and appalling, just appalling. So I took Prospect home. That made things interesting and appalling. Less traffic. Hurray!

I got home and I was famished to the point of my stomach constantly growling. One big growl. Grrr. In the door I come and, lo, Dad makes Pasta Primavera! I was so happy, I died! And then we ate it! Lots of it! I'm full to the ears of it!

I think I'll go to institute tonight.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I work on saturday! Huzzah! Back at Brighton! Weee! Only for the day though... I haven't the time nor mind to work and go to school and have my magical calling made to unite the ward family. Nope. I'm not that capable. Though, I am capable. *cough*

I watched the Glen beck TV show that's on now. It's too funny to be allowed! I was hysterical and it made my day pretty bright!

I have math. Lots of math. I would cheer for math, but I don't cheer for things that cause exhaustion in my life. Except maybe dancing and art. And boys. That's about it. So... I only cheer for the exhausting things of funocity.


Milkshake. I want a milkshake. A chocolate one. A really thick one. Mmmm.... I think I'm going to die if I don't eat in the next 40 seconds.

You didn't say hungry, did you...

I am sooo tried and sooo hungry, it's wrong. Sick and wrong. Yes, I was sick today. Bleah. I curled up in a chair all day and chilled there with my buddies. Played a game of pool with carolyn, read my book some, drew my foot, and had a super hilarious conversation with Derk. So many things I didn't know, ha ha!

Went to art and we critiqued and everyone loved my piece. Yay piece! And the prompt in english was nice. I wrote the first draft to a scene from my graphic novel. I wrote comic book, but it's not a comic book. It's not comedic. It is sometimes, duh. But it's a novel. In book form. Because my writing is not as well formed as I'd like. Oh, english is very helpful. I am certainly learning stuff. Rah!

Since Derek is in charge of FHE tonight, I'm not going. I'm going to spend this monday at home. Family and math. Huzzah!

And food. There shall be food.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mounds of pink things

Ah, so today I went to Karren's ward. Sat with Stu and Gordo. Sat in the sun too. The whole time. Fried my brain. I got a big head ache, terribly sleepy, and really really hot. But the testimony meeting was pretty great. That's a nice ward. Friendly people. Cute guys. Lots-o-cute guys.

When we got home, I was tired and hungry and really mad at the sun for shining on me all day. *ga-rump* But we all had chocolate muffins and I showed mom how to edit her links on her blog. Which brought me to editing my template on my blog. Which lead to me getting a new template. Continuing on to me editing that template to the extreme.

Hence, everything is pink. I feel like dabbling in pink for a while. I might change it later. Maybe. I spent many hours on this. Mostly because it's time consuming to go through 15 pages of html to change each color code, insert your own https, and deleting things you don't like. And I still couldn't make the blue stuff go away. Ugh. But after I studied the html for the original template for 30 minutes, poking a prodding along the way, I started making changes. testing the https they had for background images. Then I made my own. I love painter sometimes (I can't do as much as I could on photoshop, but it's pretty sweet). Yeah. Go team! rawr!

Laura and Brock's Nana came over today and we fed her eggs benedict. She really enjoyed that. So did everyone else. Fresh lemons, I am told, make a big difference. Me? I just love the eggs benedict and ate a lot, possibly too much. Then I played with that calorie counter place my family seems strangely fond of. I hate being out of the family loop, so I'm doing one too. 1600 calories a day's not too hard. I managed that today. Hee. I suppose I'll stop eating the snickers at institute and pack lunches, as I once planned. Ah.... plans.

Do you like the pink tendrals?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Two blinking lines...

I've discovered something and I'm not quite sure of what words describe it. I love drawing. Duh. I love drawing characters. I want to draw my own characters someday in their own stories. Comic books. I have a wretched time drawing opening scenes to them though. And I've always wanted to draw one of Georgette Heyers books but felt I couldn't do anything with it because that's not really.. legal. Yeah.

But! I've decided to draw one of her stories anyway! For my own enjoyment too. Me. Mine. Ha! Selfish reasonings!


Make sure none of them are filled with anything that goes boom

Well because I stayed up super late last night, my waking up at 12:30 wasn't too "whoa, too much sleep." And I rolled around in my big soft blankets for an hour, telling myself a pleasant story.

I watched movies galore today. Mostly clips from my favorites. But I watched Timeline for the first time, and the end of Serenity. Serenity is such a good movie. I took a real long shower too. Nobody banging on the door to hurry.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to Karren's ward with her and the boys. I dunno. I'm eating watermelon. It's distracting.

My hair's still wet. Can't go to bed with wet hair.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A little bit at a time.

That was the shortest read I've ever experienced for a Georgette Heyer piece. I picked it up at 7:30 and put it down at 10. Weird. But, hey, now I can write a 2 page report on it. Wee.

I slept in today. Really slept in. I didn't eat much. Only when I had to. Food just didn't sound appealing today. I watched X-men. I'm glad I did. It's such a nice movie. I guess I meant nice as in... really fun to watch. Yes. I watched that and watched some Tv with stu. Then I read my book. the one that took 2 and half hours to read. That's weird.

Tomorrow, I'll write my report, do my math, and maybe do some art of my volition. Yes... maybe.

But today, I was full of thought. I thought about a conversation I had with Jessica and Cami yesterday. It concerned boys and it lasted for about 2 hours. I won't go into particulars, but it made me think about things. And I realized I'm really tired. There's so much work behind having a crush on a guy, it's exhausting. All the time. And I'm too tired right now to deal with that. I need a break. And a break is what I'll take.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

We sure do heart them crazies

*sigh* By the way, that was the deepest, longest, gustiest sigh you will ever read about, let alone imagine in your silly mind.

My day has been insane. And my brain-membrane is feeling the reprecussions. Aka, I suffer.

I stayed up until whenever late-o'clock (3am) doing math. I got up at 7:30, showered at 8, and stu drove me to school at 9:30. I ditched my stuff at the institute (being that the stu person had the car mom and I share on a daily basis) and wandered to weight training. It was pleasant. Nice people there. Everyone's nice. It's lovely.

Then I returned to institute and changed, ate a taco, and continued to work on my math. I worked and worked and worked some more. And then it was 3:40 and time to run to class because it started in 5 minutes and I had a 10 minute walk ahead of me. So I walked fast. My head was hurting. A lot.

Got to math, turned in my review assignment, was shown some mercy and found we didn't have to turn in the other set of problems until tuesday (which I didn't get the chance to do, the review was vital to my test I had to take). I took some notes, blathered mindlessly to myself, and took a test on things I had spent 6 hours studying today, and 4 hours studying last night. It was like mircrowaving chicken wings after learning how to raise the chicken, kill the chicken, clean the chicken and cook the chicken in a big oven. Yeah. Not so hard. I'm pleased.

I come out of class and call the home, but no one answers. Dispair occured. Then Stu called and I was relieved. Then Craig called and wanted to take me to see Stomp. I'm too tired. No go there. I arrived at the car and Stu and I waited for Karren and Gordo to pick him up. Then Nichole called about the math test and we talked about that. Stu left with Gordo and Karren, and I drove home.

And the door was locked. My arms were full of bags of my stuff and I went to use my super-door-opening-foot-move to, duh, open the door, and whoa, the door wouldn't open. In fact, it hurt my sandaled foot. Poor foot. I tried again, pained again. Poor poor foot. Finally, I dropped my stuff, thinking it must be that I'm wearing sandals and my feet aren't sturdy enough and I try with my hands. Once again no budgery. I suffered again. I couldn't imagine why the door was locked because, well, it never is. I always see to that when I leave in the morning so I won't have to empty my arms onto the ground (like I did today) and get out my key and let myself in. But I finally realized this was the case and I opened it with much difficulty. I let myself in ranting about the door and my loathing for it.

But my neck and the base of my head are in such pain now. They have been suffering in unison since math started. I took tylenols and they did nothing for me (decievers!). So, I'm going to grab some good snack food, possibly go to safeway for some cheezits. Or something. I have 6 dollars. That's enough for something. But once I have a snack, I'm crashing in my bed for a doze. Then I'll read Powder and Patch cause I have to write a report on it. Due monday. Huzzah. And I have an art collage due monday too. But that's nothing. It's an hour of cut and paste. Literally.

I'm almost dead tired. If I were more tired, I would be dead. Deadified. Bleah.

I'm tired again

I'm eating corn flakes. They're tasting good. I'm pretty starving though. That may be why.

I'm also tired. Last night was horrible. I worked on math for hours and it's not done. I went to bed at 2:40 and tried to get back up at 4 to keep working, but I was still too tired. So I went back to bed until 7:30. I do feel better. A lot better.

After I eat this cereal, I'll shower. Go to school. Be tired. Work hard. But do better.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Makes me forlorn

Why is it, that I'm only emotionally stable for a week of every month, and as soon as it's over, I fall to pieces? I don't understand and I want it better.

Today was a fairly good day, but after being home for an hour or so, I started feeling lost and depressed. No good food to eat, nothing to do, too tired to do anything, and too depressed to be happy. Which made me grumpy. All of those things. Together. Grumpy me. My poor family.

I have math to do. I finished off my oreos. The remaining three I had. No more. And I'm feeling wretched again. Ugh. A heavy sort of emptiness in my chest. Forlornity.

I think I'll watch X-men tomorrow. If I can. Probably not. I go to the beach on friday evening, if someone will drive me. I still can't drive myself to the beach. Or, can't meet people at the beach. Yeah. I could watch it in the morning, though. That way, if I can't go to the beach, I'll still have half a good day. Hurrah.

Can you feel the excitement?

After 1980, everything went wrong.

So, last night I stayed up until 3:30 working on my art project. It took that long to finish it. Ugh. I had to get up at 5:30 too. But when my alarm went off at 5:30, I changed my mind and got up at 6:30. It were nice to have the extra hour.

Off I went to art. I walk in and this girl tells me she likes my necklace! My pretty green one which happens to be one of my favorite. And she even knew it was from Brighton! I was thoroughly impressed. *nod* Well, the teacher told us to tack our projects up for critiquing and he noticed there were only 2 finished pieces. Mine and someone elses. So he extended the project to monday. So I stayed up ├╝ber late and lost hours of sleep for nothing. Hmph!

Well, because Wednesday was thus turned into "work on the delayed project" day and he told me my picture was perfect, I went back to institute. I threw my stuff down, curled up on the couch, and slept. For an hour. Then I woke up and took out my art class sketch book and did a sketch of Cameron. It took a little over an hour, bit it looks pretty cool. I'm really glad I did it. I think something's a bit off, but it looks mighty fine anyway. And I'm so proud of the feet, it's wrong!

And english was blah. It's just so boring. It's fine, but boring.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A burrito isn't a burrito without black beans

What a long long long day this has been.

I met some new people in weight lifting. Spencer and Tad. Nice guys. After I got back to the institute, I changed and played a game of pool with Derk. He left halfway through because his brother and nephew came to get him. That was the cutest little boy EVER. Copper red hair and the shiest face. Sooooo cute! I died. So Derk left and Jon finished the game for him. And, I swear, the spirit of Derk remained because Jon beat me! *grump* Once you start a game, you remain with it, I suppose.

After everybody left, I got out my math and for 3 hours, I worked on math. Cami came and went as he pleased and we had such fun together! We laughed and he showed me how nooses work and it was good. I ended up spending 2 and half hours on one math problem, gave up, and did the other one. Once in class, I asked him to go over it. Which he did. But it didn't make sense still. There were some numbers a little off. So I asked him about it. We remained confused. So he's going to solve it himself between now and thursday (he was reading out of the book) and let me know how it turns out. How exciting! It's like a book! A math book! Which... isn't that exciting. *cough*

I was starving and had been doing math for 6 hours when I got home. Dad had made black bean salsa soup. It was SO good! Everybody ate some and it made us joyful. I'm all full and happy.

I think I'm going to miss institute again. I have an art project due tomorrow and math to work on. I have pages and pages and pages of math due on thursday. A review. I need to review for the exam. Thing. Not quite an exam, really. I mean, come on. My math teacher calls quizzes "quizzy poo's." Why? I cannot say for I do not know. He's crazy. But the majority of his craziness is good.

I'm really tired. I need to do my art. At a reasonable speed so I can Bond with my family

Monday, May 01, 2006

You're in Houston, Texas

A good day. I got up at the right time and got ready at the right time and left at the right time. I got to art at the right time, if not early, too. And my teacher was fine with my idea of starting again on the project. I spent some time in institute with Derk and Jon. We played pool for a while. Then Derk, Cami and I played a game I can't remember the title of (you sound out a phrase and then decipher what the real phrase is) and then I was off to english. That was fine too. But afterwards the teacher and two other women went off about politics and said things iI really disagree with, so I went home. I am bummed that my CD in the car is so glitchy it can't get through a song without skipping 10 seconds or more. It's really depressing too cause it's such a good CD. I don't think it's all the CD's. Maybe it's mom's CD player. Or that CD. I think the latter.

My ice cream melt. FHE in a few hours. Homework. Lots to do. But this is a good day.

What's the postage price to Australia?

I did some math homework last night, in an effort to save myself from stress on tuesday. Go me, eh? I carefully looked over my art worksheet to and discovered I can make my subject a person. I wish I'd known that on friday or thursday. I could have started it then and wouldn't have to risk the teacher getting mad at me for changing my mind. *sigh* I have always rarely gone with the first draft of anything. Writing, hardly ever. Drawing, always something else. Even when I get dressed I change from the first outfit. I want to make everything perfect and will change things to make it so.

So, I have to go to school in a few minutes. If I get there early enough, I'll be able to make a sketch study of people before class and start my new picture. I wish I could explain the way I do my art. He probably won't understand.. Mr. Downs barely understood. Wee!

I'll be home around 4 and then I'll do my math more, work on my art, and go to FHE. Dinner at the Call's. I'll do more math before bed again and hopefully that'll be it for math and I'll have the 4 hours between class tomorrow to draw.

I still feel good and strong. *rawr*