Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes, it is late--I am aware

It happens on occasion (less frequently than it used to be) that I stay up late. For the past couple weeks, I have been very steady in my going-to-bed-at-a-reasonable-time routine. Tonight, I stayed up late. I decided I needed to finish something I had yet to have finished.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I finally watched it all. I am extremely satisfied. It served as a good distraction as well, from some particularly severe abdominal pain. *shrug*

Anyway. Tomorrow I have my computer art class. Yay!? I have not been to it yet--first day. And then I have work. And then I have work again Saturday morning. And on Saturday evening I have a jewelry party. And then Sunday is Sunday. And--and--and! I am tired already.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

News news, what's the news?

I hasn't got news. I lied. Full of lies. The everything is a lie.

The other day I went to Cheesecake Factory with Dan to celebrate hanging out and our birthdays. he paid, as my present, and then I bought him a movie at Borders. Good times.

I sunburns are going away. They still itch like crazy, but not as painful anymore. :3 And peeling less!! They had majorly bad peeling. Majorly... -_-;

Mmm... Been painting! And sketching. I wrote up a script for the first chapter of a graphic novel I've been carefully crafting for the past 4 years. And today I finally did, basically, story boarding. That's what I call it. I actually just looked at my scripting and planned out each page. I ended up adding more pages than the script entailed. Brilliant. 10 more pages than planned. I just kept trying to cram so much onto a page. Maybe tomorrow I will draw a page! Oh. I think I will pencil all the pages of chapter 1 before I ink them. Yeah. You know. Yeah!

I should clean off my drafting table. It's a little cluttered.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A few things

There are a few things that kind of engulf my soul. But we are not here to talk about all of them. We are here to talk about Shiny Toy Guns--my favorite band. The band I relish over, die over, and live for. Chad Petree, my celebrity crush, and he stupendous voice. Yes. They are my life and love when it comes to music.

And they are releasing a new album. In October. I can hardly wait!!

And they released a new single today!! TODAY!!! They got a new singer, Sisley Treasure. I wasn't sure how I felt about her voice, being it's a lot lower than Cara's was... But I like it now. A lot. It works nicely with Chad's. And Chad's is lovely, of course. And usual. He always hits those notes right.

Ricochet. Awesome.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Life on the river

I went river rafting! And by rafting, I mean, floating down the calmest river ever and attacking other boats full of your friends. With water guns! :D

As a result of this event, though, I came away with a lot of bruises and very bad sunburns. T__T The sunburns are was make me sad. Today, at work, any time anything touched a sunburned portion of flesh (clothed or not) it stung with a thousand needles of PAIN. And I checked later and found that my sunburned legs have begun to bleed a little. Ehh.. Whatever.

I am in a very good mood though. I just am.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Being migrained

In efforts to distract my migraine, I have been enjoying lolcats.

I took excedrine, now I lay down. It's starting it's magical powers... -v-

I'm like--I'm like--WHOA!

I'm completely euphoric. Truly.

BREAKING DAWN WAS THE BEST EVER! Better than Harry Potter! Than anything! So much awesomeness! Can't handle it! *amazing*

And now I own the whole series. Kind of a splurge for me. But, I figured I deserved it, since I am amazingly persuasive even unto my own mind. Like Jasper... Ish. If I were a Vampire, I wonder if I would have some outstanding gift? *wonder*

But, let's deviate from Twlightery. Just for a moment.

I had set this goal, see, that if I didn't get an iTouch for my birthday, I would buy one. I had all these reasons for why I would too. One, I'm not home much anymore and I have begun to miss important emails and such. Two, my internet is the pits and I don't get to use it much. Three, my iPod is getting very weak in battery life. Those were very valid reasons and I was convinced. And then, I was balancing my checkbook, and thinking about how I would begin school soon and work less and have much less of an income. And suddenly, it was far less important to have an iTouch and far more important to have money saved up. After all, I would spend all my time on the internet no matter where I was and I couldn't afford to slap down 300+ dollars for an iTouch because I was getting out of touch (yeah, cool play on words, yeah? Thought of that on the spot. I'm cool like that). I also decided I could live without a new digital camera because mine DOES work, even if it is not superbly... I can live without a 10 mega pixel skinny camera. I don't take a ton of pictures anyway except of my artwork and people and stuff.

Basically, I want both things a lot, but not enough to spend a couple hundred dollars on them. I would rather be eating come December.

Hence I bought myself some Twilight books. The newest book only cost me 15 dollars with my rewards discount--that's nothing. And then I won 25 borders bucks from work, which pays for 1 and a half books--maybe 2. So, I had no trouble negotiating my way into a new set of lovelies.

Ze end!

Friday, August 01, 2008

To do

I have an open day until work this evening, so I have things to do! ^_^

[ ] Laundry
[ ] Clean room
[ ] Store
[ ] Art
[ ] Work outfit
[ ] Knit
[x] Some Blog Transfer