Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Star Trek

My responses to Star Trek episodes:

1:7 -
Gasp! He looks like a pirate.
Oh my, why would a piratical looking fellow be traveling with three tempting ladies?
Seduced! Snap!
They are not so pretty..!
Drugs are bad for you.
Lost in a storm is not the best way to go.
Oh, I thought he hated her. Now he is saving her?
Nope, still hates her.
Are they gonna fall in love? Totally.
He has accepted her ugliness.
Turns out she can make HERSELF pretty!
This is an episode about self confidence.

1:8 -
D'awww, bff!
Why do the ladies on board wear tiny dresses with matching undies?
Well, if you hold hands with the captain, your fiance will think you're cheating on him.
Oh no, that red shirt just tumbled to his doom!
No wait, he was pushed by the extremely awkward looking man.
My... She's perky. And almost naked.
Oh snap! They're androids!!
Hm. The captain is naked. Strategically. :3
Doubting your fancy science man now, nurse? tsk. He'll never love you if you do that.
Way to make the androids feel, captain!
Aww, robotic love. Romeo and Juliet style.

1:9 -
There's a man in that box!!
NO Captain! Don't go down there!!
Dr. Noelle is made of pretty. And the Captain TOTALLY remembers her.
Way to put down the lady, men, way to do it.
Oh that is definitely a chamber of horrors. No mistake there.
So wait... that isn't the doctor? Hm.
Spock is going to share his mind with a crazy man?!
NO! Don't get in the machine!!
Machine commandeered!
Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Captain!!! D:
So now he's programmed to love Dr. McSexy?
Well guys, he's dead, let's leave the body here. It's cool.

1:10 -
It's a cube... in space... Borgs? Nahhhh!
Yeah, Mr. Bailey, no need for shouting. You should have those adrenal glands removed.
Wow, Bailey is a roll of "wrong" today.
Sweet, cube is gone, courtesy of Bailey and his lasers.
Oh no, now we're facing off with a sphere. Are you sure this isn't the Borg??
Right, so not Borg.
It's a muppet! :D
I doubt you'll kill them in 8 minutes... There's 40 minutes left in the show!
Bailey just went crazy.
These muppet aliens are jerks.
Are Bones and the captain breaking up?
Seriously, Sulu, countdowns are annoying!
Omigosh, are we going to sit here for the last twenty minutes while the muppets DON'T fire?!
Being towed by a lightbulb, brb.
Nice that every alien life form speaks english.
Aww, we're going to save the muppet now.
Uh... Not. Muppets. Small adult/child. What. The. Heck.
Okay, so the muppet/baby is not evil but testing them...
Now he wants a BFF! And Bailey wants to be that friend. I'm thrown for a loop.
Weirdest episode ever..

1:11/12 -
Already, a mystery unfolds! Thanks to a spacey looking female.
Awww, Pike is a Dalek now...
Is Spock kidnapping the mutilated Captain Pike?!
Spock this is almost villainous!!
I am at a loss for words...
Spock--what the heck!!!!
Now he acts all concerned and ashamed. AUGH!
So, this is about lost people?
The commodore seems very suspicious right now...
Ooooh, mysterious bulby headed aliens.
And a creepy girl! D:
Zomg, kidnapping of young pike.
Oh what will happen!!
I'm guessing the aliens are making a zoo.
So the creepy girl is a prisoner too?
Oh, good idea, jump onto the sword.
We're going to shoot this continent destroying laser at a door. Quick, hide behind this nearby rock!
These aliens are selfish.
So the creepy girl is actually old?
Ohhh, so silly!

That's it for today. I'm feeling tired.

Summer stuff

I miss Palo Alto and being close to my friends. I feel very far away from them down here. Unfortunate.


I am writing! A mystery! It's very fun. I enjoy my characters. Well, the girl feels a little bland, so I'm looking for something to spice her up with. She's too nice. I'l fix her, though. But the main guy is awesome and interesting. XD

Also, I'm watching the original Star Trek series. It's so much fun!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another break

I'm getting scary close to being done. >_< Sometimes I want to scream and throw pencils around. Other times, I want to lay down and breathe deeply. But a lot of the time, I'm excited when I finish a sequence and it looks awesome.

I'm feeling very nocturnal, and that is a little troublesome. But I'm looking forward to summer and setting my clock back to normal. Awake with the sun and all.

The other day (not sure which day, for they have all muddled together) I stepped out of the art building in the late afternoon, for some food. We usually go for food around midnight, and in a pack, to 7-11. But it was afternoon and I wanted a burger. And when I got outside, the sun was behind a building and out of sight. But the sky was so bright, that my eyes started to burn and water instantly. And I knew I hadn't been in the sunlight for a few days. I was a little sad for myself.

:) My animation is going to be amazing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just one more DAAAAAAAAY

And then I'm done. Out of the oven, onto the table. I'll be delicious.

I'm in the very process of drawing a girl dump out her purse and finding--with great astonishment!--that a piano is falling out of it. But I've been drawing this since yesterday. So hello everyone.

I am also enjoying chewy bars. (I miss real food)

And music. LOTS of music.

My classmate is throwing starburst ninja stars at me. I am keeping them and she keeps making more. I plan on attacking her in a short while. It will be epic!

I should like to go get some japanese ramen when this is all done. The place in SF. In Japantown. I will probably die. ^_^

And to read books again. :D :D :D

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm at school. I wasn't planning on staying this late, but a number of things happened that put me here. Number one?

My nephew was born:

Thomas Cormack Lyle. He's perfect and lovely. I have yet to meet him.

I was on my way to animate when they called me with the news of Laura's labor. And since I knew I would be of no use and stress myself out if I went up to Redwood city... I continued to animation. I worked to distract myself, but kept getting updates until my mom called me to tell me he was born. And his name. I almost cried. What a wonderful name. What a wonderful day. A perfect, lovely day... <3

I'm going to see him tomorrow. I will snuggle him and love him.

I'm shocked at how much love fills me at just the sight of pictures!! I'm almost terrified at how much I will love my own children one day. Almost terrified. Mostly, I'm excited for that day. ><

I also stayed this late because I really wanted to work hard, and I had to take advantage of it since I have a lot to do. So I've been working like mad. Lots done, but lots to do.

Love to little Tommy. Love from my eternal heart.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So, what's happening?

What's going on this week, self? Lots of school. LOTS. OF. SCHOOL.

4pm - Meeting with counselor (be out by 4:15, or die)
4:30pm - Turn in Research paper
6:30pm - Book thing
7pm and on - Animate

3pm - Turn in portfolio and first pass at animation
6pm and on - Work on final animation

12:30pm - Turn in portfolio and sketchbooks
4:30pm - Lecture class
6pm - Animate
7pm - Institute
8:30pm - Animate

Yeah. I'm not sure what's going on Thursday. I'm sure I have classes to attend. Or is it Dead day? I'm not sure.

A glimmer of what I've been working on

Just a smattering of whatever it is I do with my time.

This isn't even half, my dears. Not even half. Just some of my favorites. *nod*