Monday, April 21, 2008

Have I no evil?

I am feeling energetic and productive!

I ran outside for about 30 minutes and took pictures of our pretty garden. I can see it outside my window everyday and today I noticed the rose bush was pretty in the sunlight, so off I went. And there I saw all these other flowers I had never seen through my window. Photos were taken. Love was shared. Tears were shed.

Anyway. I'm completely ready to be productive and happy. So I'm going to do my homework and maybe even do all the homework for the rest of the quarter (as far as I can do them, as some may involve a movie or discussion) for my History class. I will then, perhaps between some homework, go finish my bathroom and bedroom cleaning process.

Woo! I feel really upbeat!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Future Foe Scenarios

I love this song so very much, I just have to put the lyrics here. Now. And insist you find it and listen.

"The things we laid do not amount to much
Made of abandoned wood, loose stones and such.
This revolution, baby,
Proves who you work for lately

Release the castaways who run amok
From self appointed winds which blow and such.
When present tense get strangled in the mire
Made of our cozy decomposing wires.

Who do you work baby?
Does it work for you lately?

But when the night is over and the walls start burning,
When fire starts to matter and the clock's still churning.
Clichés and other chatter keep our minds from learning
Our minds keep learning
It's alright
It's alright.

The things we laid do not amount to much
Made up of thought balloons and cotton swabs
When present tense get strangled in the woes
Made up our future foe scenarios

This revolution, baby,
Proves who you work for lately.
Who do you work for, baby,
Does it work for you lately?

But when the night is over and the walls start linking
When fire starts to matter and the clock's still sinking
Clichés and all the chatter keep our minds from thinking
I must keep thinking
It's alright!
It's alright.
It's alright...

It's alright.
That's when it turned on me
A motorcade of 'meant to be's
Parade of beauty queens
Where soft entwines make kindling.
These many detailed things
Like broken nails and plastic rings
Will win by keeping me
From speaking to my new darling!
And there's no way to know
Our future foe scenarios
That's when it turned on me
Where bobby pins held angel wings."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A motorcade of meant-to-be's

When I was following the path along Geology, I knew certain things would not happen and certain things would happen later. I didn't know specifics, but a lot of things were going to happen later in my life.

When I changed to become an art teacher, it dawned on me (only days ago) that things were different this way. Things that weren't possible before, are very possible now. And things that were for later, can now be sooner. It's daunting, but not really... I'm just getting ready.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Like towers

My first week of the new quarter is almost over. One more class tomorrow morning. I know. Saturday class. Lame, yeah? But it could be worse. X)

I'm trying to take the initiative in my life. Things I've been wanting to do, I just have to do. I can't argue that I want it if I won't work for it. I have to keep trying. It's rough. -_-

Need to find an apartment. And get a job of some kind. I'm tired of no job. I want to learn a language I actually like (spanish=no likey) and keep up my schoolwork.

Like retake that math class this summer. I am. Or will. Yes.

Which reminds me. One of my classes was canceled for the whole quarter, so I had to find a new class to take. I wanted one that transfers to SJSU in my major but everything was full. I finally found the advanced ceramics class had some open spots and emailed the teacher and got in. I took the intro class a few quarters ago, so if I take this, it'll fulfill the requirement for taking a ceramics course at SJSU. Did that make sense? Somehow I think it didn't.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Patchwork farms

I feel brand new. Or rather, back to normal. Like I once did but haven't felt in a long while. It's extremely comforting and pleasant.

I even have a cold, and don't care. *snuggle*

I have decided to switch my major back to art. I realized, after much deliberation, I was unhappy. And I tried a lot of things to get back to my happy place, but to no avail. And when someone mentioned to me, I might be happy doing art again. I felt they were right, but still fought it. But then it occurred to me... I would actually enjoy being an art teacher. For high schoolers, yeah? I loved my high school art classes. They were like a second home. Wonderful.

So, here I am, altering my schedule for next quarter so I'm taking two art classes instead of two science classes. And I feel really good about it! :D YAY!