Sunday, October 25, 2009

Concert and Interview

So last night I went to The Sounds' concert in San Francisco. I went mostly to see Shiny Toy Guns, though, as I had arranged to interview Jeremy (keyboardist) after their set. As a result, I missed most of The Sounds set. But it's okay, I interviewed Jeremy for 45 minutes.

It was fun and crazy and I recorded the entire interview on my phone. I've been transcribing for a while now, but it's only a few minutes into the interview. I have a lot more to do.

Once it's edited, I'll post a copy up here. :)

Here it is! It has swears in it, I'm afraid.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

APE? Yes.

I went to APE con. Here's the down low:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Error page win!

I came across this somewhere and quickly snatched it up. Take a gander!

Listen up!

I was recently exposed to an artist whose style speaks volumes to me. So I wrote this entry in my art blog.

It's frustrating having a dream and trying to balance it between school and a social life. School has to come first above the other two, and I usually end up sacrificing socialness to work on the dream. Not that I aim to avoid being with my friends, because I really want to be with them. So often.

Anyway, it's hard finding time to balance myself. Like I can't really draw until Wednesday evening--when my essays will be done.

Gr, 3 essays due on Wednesday. Gr.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Little things

I really enjoy life. Sometimes, as humans are prone to do, I forget. But some little thing will remind me how awesome it is. So here's somethings I like to rely on.

Cold Honey Bunches of Oats w/Milk
A finely sharpened pencil
Wind chimes
The first sip of new soda
Sunbathing on the carpet in the quiet house
Brisk wind
Sunlight making green leaves glow
A clean bathroom
A new fan of my art
Brady hugs
Blankets far larger than me

Anyway, today was frustrating and disappointing so I needed some time to enjoy life a little. I feel better.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Life accomplishments

My sister has a list of 100 things she wants to accomplish in her life. This is my attempt at seeing how many things I hope to accomplish in my life.

1. Get Married
2. Have kids
3. Live in a foreign country
4. Publish a novel
5. Publish a graphic novel series
6. Learn to drive stick shift
7. Become accomplished on the guitar
8. Learn to the play the Piano
9. Sing in a band (Just once, doesn't have to be famous)
10. Have a booth at ComicCon
11. Shoot a handgun
12. Ride a Bullet Bike
13. Learn Japanese
14. Go to Japan
15. Get a Bachelors Degree
16. Get a Masters Degree
17. Hike a Volcano
18. Go to all 50 states
19. Roadtrip with a friend
20. Travel across Europe
21. Go to Australia
22. Teach English in Japan
23. Go through the temple
24. Knit/Crochet a hat
25. Make something out of glass
26. Learn to dance
27. Make a quilt
28. See my siblings all married and become parents
29. Finish illustrating Collide
30. Illustrate at least 3 graphic novel stories
31. Learn to snowboard or ski
32. Meet the Prophet
33. Hold a monkey
34. Learn Welsh
35. See my children married in the temple
36. See my sons go on missions
37. Have grandchildren
38. Go on a cruise
39. Meet Kazu Kibuishi & wife, Amy Kim Ganter
40. Have a short story in a comic anthology
41. Be a missionary
42. Return to Wales
43. Never get cancer
44. Have a dog
45. Go to India
46. Go to Russia
47. Be accomplished on the Violin
48. Get a degree in Geology
49. Have some of my art featured on a book cover, or in a movie
50. See the Northern Lights

50 isn't so bad. :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

To do

I have realized I love making to-do lists. I get so much more done. Probably?

[ ] Knit Matty scarf
[ ] Read Geog stuff
[ ] Page 12 (or more)
[ ] Ancient Studies paper
[ ] Clean room

What to do first?