Friday, November 30, 2007

To bed, to bed I said

Yeah, ok, I don't really fail at life. Often. *snicker*

Took my Anthro midterm, I think I did well. No need to panic. Crisis averted.

Spent the evening with Gwyn, watching way too much Jennifer Aniston. Has anyone else noticed she plays the same personality every time? Overly emotional, mess that screws up her life but somehow manages to make it all work? Yeah. Same girl, same movie. Different co-stars.

I have a pretty new pedicure due to Gwyn's desire to cure my ped's.

Also, just got home. 20 minutes ago. There have been too many typos--a sure sign I am exhausted.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Goat, the new scent from Zafron

Well, I was fully intending to take my math quiz this evening. It was/is a take home quiz, so that's nice for me.

But I was suffering under the delusion that my Anthro midterm was on Monday. Instead of tomorrow. Which it is. *DOOM* I am very unhappy now. How did I get so diluded in my thinking? Because my teacher has been broadcasting how there was a test on Monday. Monday the 10th. And test being my final. NOW I remember. So, I have to study for my midterm tonight too. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to have Indian food. Would have started sooner.

Shouldn't be so dumb, you know.

I fail at life.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Go team!

Ah. Thanksgiving is over. Ovar. Ovir. The latter is how I pronounce it. Yeah. Yeeah. It was good and now it's gone. Very sad turn of events..

Babysat the beloved nephew today whilst my mom and sister packed up my sisters house a bit. My knees kicked in for a good hurt, so I was a little incapacitated for ... a while. Wee (purely sarcastic).

But! Back in school. School's nearly over, too. And by nearly over I mean, I have a few weeks left. Two and then finals? That sounds right. Don't quote me on it as fact. Not fact. Speculation.

Also, been trying to get in shape. Er. Sort of starting my own little work out every night. Starting yesterday. Yeah. Lame! Aw, just kidding. I'm massively pleased with myself. I velcro on my leg weights and light my little 5 pound weight in my hands. I do some leg stretches. Then I do some leg lifts. Push ups (like, 4? But they're REAL ones! I'll get better...) and then I do some crunches. I want to be in shape and healthy. Also, been trying to eat less junky food. And paying attention to how hungry I actually am. Yeah. I seem to enjoy food. I could see it becoming a problem as I get older, so I'll try to curb it now.

I have much to work on, but it would benefit me so much. Very worth it, I believe.

Nightly regime:
1. Wash up
2. Work out
3. Pajamas
4. Read scriptures
5. Pray
6. Bed

It's very simple, so I can do it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't know why I do

I slept funny on my neck last night. Which is unfortunate because I use my neck. Regularly.

As a result of sleeping on my neck funny, I must have slept poorly too--I am very VERY tired. But I got a nap, so all is right in the world. :D

Or is it? I realized today that some of the numbers in my phone are wrong. Gr. How did I realize? Trying to call someone, of course, and getting someone I do not know. In another language. So unless he really hates me (which would SUCK), I have at least his number in wrong.

But only 3 days of class this week! And the that means Thursday is no school, which means no Anthropology, Speech, Sociology, OR Math! For one day. :3

I need my food. I am hungry!

He has my pen.

Another week is over, and another is beginning.

Took my math exam on Thursday--really hope I did well! Eek eek! I studied for it, and made a good page of notes for the exam. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers* I did see my current grade in the course--he was offering. I have a 94%. That's pretty sweet! Pretty dang sweet!

My haircut was marvelous. I'm exceedingly pleased. She cut me some cute little bangs that aren't quite so straight lined. I'm excited! :3

Mmmm... toe is still all bruised and sad, but I've managed to get the whole walking thing down to pat. Bummer that my leg is all sore from the random muscles being worked. *shrug*

I've been having fun making fakey fake animation. Super fake. Like. I draw a picture and then make slight changes. Flip-book fake. But it's fun.

My headache is feeling better--I'll go to bed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juice? Water? yes.

Confusing.... My nephew has one of those tube stackers, yeah? With the stick on the platform and they place the progressively smaller rings over it? Nice and colorful. Well, just now, I have discovered the smallest ring to be--not with it's siblings--but under my desk. How it managed such an excursion is mind boggling...

Anyway, on with life.

The toe remains intact, yet painful. Bruised. Whatever.

School was intense, as usual. I got a B on my Anthro midterm, which is vaguely annoying. I didn't study as much as I should have. I fell asleep after about an hour of study. :-\ I got a nice A on my Math quiz, which is nice! I have the exam on Thursday. If I ace this exam, I'll only have to worry about my final. That would be really amazing.

I have to admit, I feel like I'm floundering in Sociology. It just doesn't all get through. Bits and pieces do, but the vast majority... sigh. I need to go into his office and ask for some help. I'm going to not do as well as I'd like, if I'm not so careful.

Also. I have been abnormally parched. And craving cran-grape juice.

Onward, ever onward

Yesterday was a day that should have been good, had all the promise of being great, and turned out to be no fun at all.

I did get to sleep in! Yee! Lots of lovely sleep. <3

My nephew also spent the evening with us and my brother and sister went to a Sharks game.

I finished reading "Sabriel" which I got for my birthday but didn't have the chance to read because I was so busy. I really liked it a whole lot. That goes on my shelf of books I loved.

The only downside of my day was that I stubbed my pinky toe on a big black box in the hallway. It hurts like crazy, and I can barely walk. And it's purple and swollen. I am very sad. :<

And this broken/sprained/whatever toe prevented me from going ice skating. So, I've still never been ice skating. Gr.

But I have lots of school today, which will keep me busy and distracted. And when I get home, I will rest up some more.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

On funny quotes

On my facebook account, I have a list of quotes I find particularly amusing. These quotes still get or once got me into stitches. But I often have my friends saying, "Alli, where did this quote come from?" and they proceed to quote it. So, I am going to post all my BFF quotes here.

And then add where they all come from.

"Have you ever laughed so hard, it hurts your stomach?"
"Yeah, it's like being tickled with a knife."
This is from one of my many hilarious conversations with Kellen and Josh. Trying to describe how much it hurts to laugh too much.

"Oh! It's green! That's my lucky number!"
Also from a Kellen and Josh experience, we were bowling and I was having rotten luck. The next game came around, and the score keeping screen was green, which is my favorite color. Which is what I intended to say. The best part is, I didn't realize I said it that way until I had already picked up the bowling ball.

"I don’t really know how daisies and handcuffs are comparable, but, yes, I would rather have the daisies."
That's a quote from a report I found online. Improv Everywhere did a pantless-subway ride stint in New York, and one girl got arrested for it. When she complained the handcuffs were a little tight, the police officer asked if she had expected daisies. While she didn't say that quote to him, she said it to us.

"Mother of babies!! Where did you COME from?!?!"
This is from a video online, and an ex-convict with a bad English accent says it to a beak-less bird who wandered into air traffic control.

"50 dollars for llama?! What STEAL!"
Out on a group date, someone mentioned that we were near the area where you could get a llama for 50 dollars. Moments after I said that quote, she added that you could only rent them.

"See that green light?" (Points forty feet away, in opposite lane) "Make it!"
On the same group date, Brian decided we needed to get from a full stop at the right curb, to 40 feet ahead on the left curb, across 4 lanes of heavy traffic. Fortunately, he was not driving. Unfortunately, his room mate has this bizarre inclination to do thing Brian says while he is driving.

"They've been doing this since Moby Dick was a goldfish!"
While waiting in line for a concert, a ticket hawk was hawking (totally spelled wrong, huh?) his wares and the security guards told him he couldn't do that here. That quote was his response.

"You’re a cold woman. Let’s braid hair."
A quote from some scathing online critique of a famous woman's dress.

"You're dumb! Go take a nap."
Haley said this to me one day on the phone. I was very tired and seemed to be acting very silly. She basically yelled the first part, and then quietly laughed the second.

"I hate you! I wish I could hate you to death!"
This is all I can give you. This right here.

"What happens if the Unstoppable Force hits the Immovable Object?"
"Chuck Norris dies."
Not sure where I heard it or read it whatever'd it. But it's here and I'm laughing.

"Activities is like torching teddy bears"
"... or tennis."
Whit was trying to update her profile with some information and couldn't quite figure out what to put under activities. That seemed to encompass everything she'd put in interests, so... now what? I then proceeded to provide an example.

Whit: "Who needs clothes?"
Alli: "What?"
Whit: "I said, who need CLOTHES?"
Alli: "You do!"
Whit: "NOOOO!"
Alli: "Yes!"
Whit: "NOOOO!"
Whit: "OKAY!"
She wasn't really naked.

"Do Ninjas fall in love? No. Ninjas glide silently into love with two swords drawn."
The Ask a Ninja said this is response to someone's question.

"If you get teleported, let me know immediately."
A totally random something Haley and I heard Gordon say to someone. Maybe he was on the phone, or something. But he said it, and we laughed.

"I lost a piece of meat. Get back here, piece of meat! I want you. I want to eat you."
"That's really not much motivation for it to come back."
"It's dead! It has motivation to become alive in the love of my stomach!"
I was eating a beef sandwich, and my beef escaped the sandwich. Haley was on the phone as I expressed my unhappiness at my meats movement, and she tried to tell me I had no chance. Boy was she wrong.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm getting a haircut on the 17th. A week from this coming Saturday. I'm trying to figure out what to say to Sherri about what I want. I'm not sure what I want. Something feminine and pretty. Interesting. Yes.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Monday


I got my math exam back on Thursday, and I got a 97. :3 Yee!

Saturday, I went to the Oakland Temple and saw the Joseph Smith movie. Most excellent. I cried a lot, and I loved it.

Also. Humor.

I have class now.