Friday, October 27, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006


I carved pumkins this evening. It was really fun. I carved a very big one, and a very little one. One carving is pretty and the other is a cutie patootie. I love them both lots. They are my friends.

Cute bubby face

This is a Claddagh. Look it up.

All lit up!


Aren't they just the best? They sit on my porch looking cute.

The key to this experience, for me, was my disregard for my hands cleanliness. Not only did I make pretty good pumpkins, I had a dang good time about it! No grumpy me! I was all smiles!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Le gasp!

I suppose it should be said that I have finally taken the SAT, I am relieved it is said and done, and I am glad to say I shall no longer be in need of the daily emails nor the study guide. Unless I should do horribly on it. Heaven forbid.

Honestly, that may very well be all I have to say. Other than that, life has been pretty regual and steady. Go to school most days, study each night. Do homework. Be social on the weekends. Attemtp to convince my parents to allow me to drive to visit my friends in Stockton for a weekend. The usual.

On the other hand, never have I in the 19 years of my life, have I been asked out so regularly as I was the past week. 3 in one week. Shocking! And I only said yes to one. And, truly, this gives my father rights to complimenting me. For a while.

Now, on to the studying!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A suddenly, I are tired

Because of all the things I have to do in my life, I have to change some things in my life.

I'm already getting better sleeping patterns down. So far, I get up at 7 everyday (Saturday and Sunday this weekend, not so much). Which means I attempt to get to bed earlier. Slowly getting better. *sweet*

But, I need to reduce my time spent watching TV. I often feel "tired" and decide to, rather than reading or even napping, to watch TV. I should be reading to rest. Not just watching TV just for the fun of it. I plan on watching it with my family when the shows are on, and/or on the weekend. Some shows I want to watch but not alone or it's depressing (Battlestar, mostly).

Yeah. For me, just less Tv and more working on things.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My tooth is hurting so badly. It's incredible, actually. I can't eat hot or cold things. not even abelry cold, or warm. It all has to be luek warm. Super fun, eh? But even when there isn't any food, it's a constant dull pain. I need to get my other tooth crowned so I can get THIS root canal done. T__T It hurts mas mucho.

My Mythology class got a new class room asignment. ADMIN 102. I have no idea where that is. On the map, the only thing I could find is currently under construction and, somehow, I highly doubt they'll put us there. I'm going to have heaps of fun finding it. Eh?

I added my skills class today too. Very exciting.

And Laura came over and we talked and watched a movie. And ate. We like to eat.

I'm starving. Macaroni sounds delicious of now.