Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I have a party with my Ward tonight, I'm going as a detective.



Do you like all the blood I have dripping out of it? I do.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hurray for medicine

Last night, I ran out of my headache medicine. It was unfortunate because I woke up this morning with a pounding migraine. Gr.

But I got to spend today relaxing! :3 Watched TV, mostly. But I did work on my Halloween costume a bit. Yay for costume!

I had a math exam yesterday, and I think I did pretty well. Not as confident as my last exam, but I'm not too worried either. I did manage full credit on my quiz last week, so... here's hoping for some continued fortune.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drum roll please

Hallo again.

So that math quiz I took? I got full credit on it! :3 Yee hee! I have a math exam tomorrow--I can only hope I do so well on it.

I slipped down the stairs this weekend and injured my knee again. So I've been limping terribly, and been in a lot of pain. But, I take pain meds and get through my days well enough. I'll rest it up this weekend and ice it a whole lot. No worries.

I also give my speech tomorrow, which won't be so bad. It's only 5 minutes, which is one-third of a talk at church. Easy pickings. I also know my class really well, so it'll be just talking to my friends. I'm not that worried.

Right. Need to get through tomorrow, and then I have a nice weekend. I somehow reinstigated my headaches, so I'm dealing with those as well. Peachy keen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October goes by...

What the--? Where did the month go? Sheesh...

I realized this evening that next week I have to present my project in Speech. Blah... I thought it was later. I have my sources all picked out, I just need to prepare the speech. Gr. Gr! Whatever.

So my weekend will be busy with speech preparations. I have a quiz in Math tomorrow, too, but that won't be so bad. I just need to review my notes tonight, and then again tomorrow.

To do this weekend:
[ ] Speech assignment
[ ] Costume shopping!
[ ] Write more of the SC
[ ] Start drawing CJ
[ ] Read!

I'm gonna fly on down

*yawn* It feels very early. I did not get enough sleep.

Today is a short day of school, thank goodness. I will go to class and then take a nap. But at some point, I will go buy some puffy paints so I can paint Brady's onesie, per Laura's request.

*yawn* Yesterday, after Anthropology class, my classmate Luka (sp?) decided to hang out with me before out next classes. We sat in the library and he read some book for his next class, and I drew. But we did talk a lot. He's very nice and very bright.

I did, somehow, manage to forget that my Speech class had an assignment due. 20 points down the drain... must make it up by being super in every other aspect. -_-

And my Sociology teacher gave me a book to read. Yeah.

Institute tonight. I decided I need to be more adamant about going--need to really stick to it. So I will. Starting tonight. I won't miss another night!! *determined*

Monday, October 15, 2007

Title! I am lacking one

Awesome. Awesome! AWESOME!

Here's a true story. When we went to England years ago, we popped into a big fancy bookstore and I bought myself two lovely, paperbacks out of the Narnia series. Really pretty covers. I love them. I really wanted the rest though, and for years have pined away for them. My Dad went off to England this week, but it turns out the books are now out of print! Oh noes! So I scoured the internets and found the rest of the books. I ordered them and now they will come to me. Yay!

I also went to Laura's today to help her so she could get some housework done. Brady is cute, as always.

A package arrived for me today, as well. It's the commission Emi did for me! I am so very happy to have it!! I can't even breathe!



I wish to be a tiny popple.

Anyway, popples aside. School. I had taken my anthro midterm last week, yeah? And I got my score back today--horray for me, I got a 38/40! I am rocking the exams this quarter! Need to keep that up.

I need to be cleaning the house and then going to my sisters. Baby needs watching.

Coming soon! My favorite LolCats!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Needing something to go on

I damaged myself. Again. *vent anger here*

I somehow hurt my legs. Two separate incidents, if you can believe it. On Monday, I wore my fancified new shoes to school. Super cute, life was special. But I carved a thick line of blister into the heel of each foot. Huzzah. So, I am off those shoes until the blisters heal. But, the same day, I did so much walking, my thighs have seized up. They're sore and taught and weak now. And I did something to my knee, too, as a result. I can't walk normal and it keeps giving out. I wore a knee brace today, but it didn't really help. Anyway...

Bad times behind, good times ahead.

Tuesday evening I drove up to Palo Alto and a bunch of us surprised James at work for his birthday. He made his "you're all weird" faces and rolled his eyes, but he totally loved it. We brought him cake and balloons. Both are entirely irresistible. And we all met up at Brian's, and while everyone else watched the debates, James and Tanya and I played Gin. I won.

I had a math exam on Tuesday. I studied really hard and it paid off--I got a 91%!! Yee! I had an Anthropology midterm today, so we'll see how I did next week.

Have some stuff to do this weekend for school. I should get it done soon. I'm taking Brock to the airport tomorrow. He's meeting Laura and my Mom in Arizona.

Time to ice my knee before bed.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I might be crazy

Halfway through my second week of school. Actually, 3/4 way through. Tomorrow being Thursday.

I need to hook up my printer/scanner/BFF to my computer again. I miss being able to print and scan.. mostly print. I want to print my script and start drawing. :o

I saw Gwen today, which was so nice. We got to talk and I gave her her presents. We're hoping to hang out this weekend and celebrate our birthdays.

Laura and Brady were over all day today. Yay! :3 And, Emi (the creater of The Way to Your Heart) emailed me that she's going to start my commission soon! So excited!! Ah, yes. I commissioned her for a drawing. Pretty cool! *wiggle* Thinking about it gets me so excited!

I should go to bed. Tomorrow is a long day of classes and I need to be rested. Sure do.