Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ho hum

Every now and then I get a little... internet weary. I am weary now. The internet tires me and complicates things, it would seem. As much as it makes my life easier, it also makes it harder. *sigh*

I'll probably be easing up on my internet. Some things are so unnecessary. Some blogs so unnecessary to follow. Some comics so unnecessary to read. Some website so unnecessary to go to. Forums. MySpace. Facebook.

How tiring.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm amazingly sick. I have a cold. It's... amazing. *dies*

Christmas is over, life goes on. Spent the day with Haley yesterday! Yee! Super BFF action!

And today has been spent mostly in bed, either asleep, or perusing my new comic books. <3 I bought 3 with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I really love them. A lot. Hee.

But I need to get drawing myself. Deadline is January 11th.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas

It's Christmas morning. ^_^ I'm a huge fan of Christmas. HUGE.

Now the presents are open and the stockings (or wooden shoes, in our case) are unstuffed. Now the day is spent relaxing and enjoying our presents.

My presents being:
2 GBs of Memory for my computer
An external DVD burner
A giant crystal paper weight (looks like a diamond)
A threadless shirt
An anthropologie skirt
Little Women, the book
A gray hoodie
Whale Rider soundtrack
A little coach bag
The Great Mouse Detective DVD
Barnes and Noble gift card

I'm excited about them all and so happy. ^_^

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Love that bear

I'm hugging my favorite stuffed animal--the one my brother gave me before his mission. It's pretty awesome and soft.

I helped Laura with Brady all day. That was fun, because Brady has learned to crawl! :) Brady for the Win!

Also, I'm very tired.

And, very distracted.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New to-do's

Since school is abolished until January 7th, I'm making a new To-Do list.

[ ] Draw the short story
[ ] Make serious progress on my knitting
[ ] Burn those DVD's and CD's
[ ] Reinstall my hard drive
[ ] Watch a lot of movies.

Speaking of movies. I watched Amelie. I think I love that movie because everyone ends happily. It's just a feel good movie. And she does all the things I wish to do. I love "stratagems" and especially playing interesting games like that.


So not creative enough

I want to submit something to RSOM... The deadline is January 11... But I need inspiration for a 15-20 page comic! Self contained! That represents my stuff!

Laura says to draw from life. What life? *grumble*

I've got some ideas, but they're lame. Lamey lame lamers.

Bed... rest. Sleep on it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's good to be done

Done with school! :DDDDD

I worked really super hard and was almost late with ym last final, but I'm done. I'm eight-ways-to-Friday done!

That's all.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Will be updated until done

[x] Prepare Anthropology notes
[x] Prepare double sided piece of paper for Math
[x] Finish speech
[ ] Rewrite Sociology Midterm
[ ] Write Sociology Final
[x] Write Sociology paper

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tears of Tired

Have you ever been so tired, your eyes start to water and it's like you're crying tears of tired? Yeah. I'm tired. Tearfully so.

So much to do in preparation for Sociology. So much left, I'm kind of freaking out.

This is when I know I need to go to bed. I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by homework, and I'm crying tears of tired.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some fun.

A little annoyed that my private life (that I don't share with anybody but my family and CLOSE friends) is being spread around some places. Super fun to have it brought up in everyday conversation and rubbed in my face. Yeah. Love that.


My speech is done!! Hurrah! Complete! I think I reasonably well, too. :D Everyone said I did, too. Team Alli for the win!

And now, I get to crank out my sociology stuff. ASAP, alli, ASAP!

Ok, I'm not really all that mad about the whatever. Well, I am, but not as angry as it may seem. I'm not holding any grudges--just a little peeved. *sigh* Whatever..

Is your jaw supposed to fall on the floor? Yes? Okay, just checking.

Half way done with my finals. Oh joy! That was surprisingly real, that joy there. I don't know why I'm so joyous when the upcoming two finals are going to be the pits. And by pits I mean, hole to the center of the earth meets the pit of despair, has a whirlwind romance, and ends up with a batch of kids. Yay for them, not so yay for me. But still, the joy is eminent. As is the end. *basks*

My speech final is this morning. At 11:30. Well, the class is at 11:30. I probably won't get to give my speech until noon. How lame. What a build up.

Math final was pretty good, yesterday. I couldn't quite recall how to solve a problem or two (three at the most) but of the ones I answered fully, I answered confidently. I think out of the whole nine page test, I'm only unsure about... 5. Yeah. Woosh.

Hurrah, now. Gotta get ready for that speech final. Yee.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I just have to ge through this week. Everyday, just get through it. *phew*

I can do that! :D As stressful as it may be, "I can totally handle anything this baby can dish out."

Anthro final tomorrow. Awesome. Then I get to spend my Monday writing my speech to perfection.

ONE day at a time.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Here comes finals again

I have a very sad headache today. Boo hoo.

Next week is finals week. It's a little scary to me. I only have 2 sit down finals, the other two are paper type things.

[ ] Prepare Anthropology notes
[ ] Prepare double sided piece of paper for Math
[ ] Finish speech
[ ] Rewrite Sociology Midterm
[ ] Write Sociology Final
[ ] Write Sociology paper

I have part of my anthro notes done, so I'll try to get those done tonight. I'll also try to finish my speech outline completely. I wish I could just get them all done tonight. But I can't. So, let's make a map of the coming week!

[ ] Anthro Final
[ ] Make sure math page is done
[ ] Make sure Speech is written

[ ] Make sure Socio midterm is rewritten
[ ] Write Socio final
[ ] Finish Socio outline
[ ] Math final (4pm)

[ ] Give speech (11:30am)
[ ] Make sure Socio final is done
[ ] Begin socio paper

[ ] Finish socio paper

[ ] Sociology Turn in (1:45pm)

The end!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things I like Today

-Honey Nut Cherrios
-The Way to Your Heart
-Fingerless gloves
-Army Hats
-Teeny Manolo
-"World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies
-Anthropologie earrings
-"Motorcycle Drive By" by Third Eye Blind
-Deviant Art

Friday, November 30, 2007

To bed, to bed I said

Yeah, ok, I don't really fail at life. Often. *snicker*

Took my Anthro midterm, I think I did well. No need to panic. Crisis averted.

Spent the evening with Gwyn, watching way too much Jennifer Aniston. Has anyone else noticed she plays the same personality every time? Overly emotional, mess that screws up her life but somehow manages to make it all work? Yeah. Same girl, same movie. Different co-stars.

I have a pretty new pedicure due to Gwyn's desire to cure my ped's.

Also, just got home. 20 minutes ago. There have been too many typos--a sure sign I am exhausted.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Goat, the new scent from Zafron

Well, I was fully intending to take my math quiz this evening. It was/is a take home quiz, so that's nice for me.

But I was suffering under the delusion that my Anthro midterm was on Monday. Instead of tomorrow. Which it is. *DOOM* I am very unhappy now. How did I get so diluded in my thinking? Because my teacher has been broadcasting how there was a test on Monday. Monday the 10th. And test being my final. NOW I remember. So, I have to study for my midterm tonight too. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to have Indian food. Would have started sooner.

Shouldn't be so dumb, you know.

I fail at life.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Go team!

Ah. Thanksgiving is over. Ovar. Ovir. The latter is how I pronounce it. Yeah. Yeeah. It was good and now it's gone. Very sad turn of events..

Babysat the beloved nephew today whilst my mom and sister packed up my sisters house a bit. My knees kicked in for a good hurt, so I was a little incapacitated for ... a while. Wee (purely sarcastic).

But! Back in school. School's nearly over, too. And by nearly over I mean, I have a few weeks left. Two and then finals? That sounds right. Don't quote me on it as fact. Not fact. Speculation.

Also, been trying to get in shape. Er. Sort of starting my own little work out every night. Starting yesterday. Yeah. Lame! Aw, just kidding. I'm massively pleased with myself. I velcro on my leg weights and light my little 5 pound weight in my hands. I do some leg stretches. Then I do some leg lifts. Push ups (like, 4? But they're REAL ones! I'll get better...) and then I do some crunches. I want to be in shape and healthy. Also, been trying to eat less junky food. And paying attention to how hungry I actually am. Yeah. I seem to enjoy food. I could see it becoming a problem as I get older, so I'll try to curb it now.

I have much to work on, but it would benefit me so much. Very worth it, I believe.

Nightly regime:
1. Wash up
2. Work out
3. Pajamas
4. Read scriptures
5. Pray
6. Bed

It's very simple, so I can do it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't know why I do

I slept funny on my neck last night. Which is unfortunate because I use my neck. Regularly.

As a result of sleeping on my neck funny, I must have slept poorly too--I am very VERY tired. But I got a nap, so all is right in the world. :D

Or is it? I realized today that some of the numbers in my phone are wrong. Gr. How did I realize? Trying to call someone, of course, and getting someone I do not know. In another language. So unless he really hates me (which would SUCK), I have at least his number in wrong.

But only 3 days of class this week! And the that means Thursday is no school, which means no Anthropology, Speech, Sociology, OR Math! For one day. :3

I need my food. I am hungry!

He has my pen.

Another week is over, and another is beginning.

Took my math exam on Thursday--really hope I did well! Eek eek! I studied for it, and made a good page of notes for the exam. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers* I did see my current grade in the course--he was offering. I have a 94%. That's pretty sweet! Pretty dang sweet!

My haircut was marvelous. I'm exceedingly pleased. She cut me some cute little bangs that aren't quite so straight lined. I'm excited! :3

Mmmm... toe is still all bruised and sad, but I've managed to get the whole walking thing down to pat. Bummer that my leg is all sore from the random muscles being worked. *shrug*

I've been having fun making fakey fake animation. Super fake. Like. I draw a picture and then make slight changes. Flip-book fake. But it's fun.

My headache is feeling better--I'll go to bed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Juice? Water? yes.

Confusing.... My nephew has one of those tube stackers, yeah? With the stick on the platform and they place the progressively smaller rings over it? Nice and colorful. Well, just now, I have discovered the smallest ring to be--not with it's siblings--but under my desk. How it managed such an excursion is mind boggling...

Anyway, on with life.

The toe remains intact, yet painful. Bruised. Whatever.

School was intense, as usual. I got a B on my Anthro midterm, which is vaguely annoying. I didn't study as much as I should have. I fell asleep after about an hour of study. :-\ I got a nice A on my Math quiz, which is nice! I have the exam on Thursday. If I ace this exam, I'll only have to worry about my final. That would be really amazing.

I have to admit, I feel like I'm floundering in Sociology. It just doesn't all get through. Bits and pieces do, but the vast majority... sigh. I need to go into his office and ask for some help. I'm going to not do as well as I'd like, if I'm not so careful.

Also. I have been abnormally parched. And craving cran-grape juice.

Onward, ever onward

Yesterday was a day that should have been good, had all the promise of being great, and turned out to be no fun at all.

I did get to sleep in! Yee! Lots of lovely sleep. <3

My nephew also spent the evening with us and my brother and sister went to a Sharks game.

I finished reading "Sabriel" which I got for my birthday but didn't have the chance to read because I was so busy. I really liked it a whole lot. That goes on my shelf of books I loved.

The only downside of my day was that I stubbed my pinky toe on a big black box in the hallway. It hurts like crazy, and I can barely walk. And it's purple and swollen. I am very sad. :<

And this broken/sprained/whatever toe prevented me from going ice skating. So, I've still never been ice skating. Gr.

But I have lots of school today, which will keep me busy and distracted. And when I get home, I will rest up some more.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

On funny quotes

On my facebook account, I have a list of quotes I find particularly amusing. These quotes still get or once got me into stitches. But I often have my friends saying, "Alli, where did this quote come from?" and they proceed to quote it. So, I am going to post all my BFF quotes here.

And then add where they all come from.

"Have you ever laughed so hard, it hurts your stomach?"
"Yeah, it's like being tickled with a knife."
This is from one of my many hilarious conversations with Kellen and Josh. Trying to describe how much it hurts to laugh too much.

"Oh! It's green! That's my lucky number!"
Also from a Kellen and Josh experience, we were bowling and I was having rotten luck. The next game came around, and the score keeping screen was green, which is my favorite color. Which is what I intended to say. The best part is, I didn't realize I said it that way until I had already picked up the bowling ball.

"I don’t really know how daisies and handcuffs are comparable, but, yes, I would rather have the daisies."
That's a quote from a report I found online. Improv Everywhere did a pantless-subway ride stint in New York, and one girl got arrested for it. When she complained the handcuffs were a little tight, the police officer asked if she had expected daisies. While she didn't say that quote to him, she said it to us.

"Mother of babies!! Where did you COME from?!?!"
This is from a video online, and an ex-convict with a bad English accent says it to a beak-less bird who wandered into air traffic control.

"50 dollars for llama?! What STEAL!"
Out on a group date, someone mentioned that we were near the area where you could get a llama for 50 dollars. Moments after I said that quote, she added that you could only rent them.

"See that green light?" (Points forty feet away, in opposite lane) "Make it!"
On the same group date, Brian decided we needed to get from a full stop at the right curb, to 40 feet ahead on the left curb, across 4 lanes of heavy traffic. Fortunately, he was not driving. Unfortunately, his room mate has this bizarre inclination to do thing Brian says while he is driving.

"They've been doing this since Moby Dick was a goldfish!"
While waiting in line for a concert, a ticket hawk was hawking (totally spelled wrong, huh?) his wares and the security guards told him he couldn't do that here. That quote was his response.

"You’re a cold woman. Let’s braid hair."
A quote from some scathing online critique of a famous woman's dress.

"You're dumb! Go take a nap."
Haley said this to me one day on the phone. I was very tired and seemed to be acting very silly. She basically yelled the first part, and then quietly laughed the second.

"I hate you! I wish I could hate you to death!"
This is all I can give you. This right here.

"What happens if the Unstoppable Force hits the Immovable Object?"
"Chuck Norris dies."
Not sure where I heard it or read it whatever'd it. But it's here and I'm laughing.

"Activities is like torching teddy bears"
"... or tennis."
Whit was trying to update her profile with some information and couldn't quite figure out what to put under activities. That seemed to encompass everything she'd put in interests, so... now what? I then proceeded to provide an example.

Whit: "Who needs clothes?"
Alli: "What?"
Whit: "I said, who need CLOTHES?"
Alli: "You do!"
Whit: "NOOOO!"
Alli: "Yes!"
Whit: "NOOOO!"
Whit: "OKAY!"
She wasn't really naked.

"Do Ninjas fall in love? No. Ninjas glide silently into love with two swords drawn."
The Ask a Ninja said this is response to someone's question.

"If you get teleported, let me know immediately."
A totally random something Haley and I heard Gordon say to someone. Maybe he was on the phone, or something. But he said it, and we laughed.

"I lost a piece of meat. Get back here, piece of meat! I want you. I want to eat you."
"That's really not much motivation for it to come back."
"It's dead! It has motivation to become alive in the love of my stomach!"
I was eating a beef sandwich, and my beef escaped the sandwich. Haley was on the phone as I expressed my unhappiness at my meats movement, and she tried to tell me I had no chance. Boy was she wrong.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I'm getting a haircut on the 17th. A week from this coming Saturday. I'm trying to figure out what to say to Sherri about what I want. I'm not sure what I want. Something feminine and pretty. Interesting. Yes.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Monday


I got my math exam back on Thursday, and I got a 97. :3 Yee!

Saturday, I went to the Oakland Temple and saw the Joseph Smith movie. Most excellent. I cried a lot, and I loved it.

Also. Humor.

I have class now.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I have a party with my Ward tonight, I'm going as a detective.



Do you like all the blood I have dripping out of it? I do.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hurray for medicine

Last night, I ran out of my headache medicine. It was unfortunate because I woke up this morning with a pounding migraine. Gr.

But I got to spend today relaxing! :3 Watched TV, mostly. But I did work on my Halloween costume a bit. Yay for costume!

I had a math exam yesterday, and I think I did pretty well. Not as confident as my last exam, but I'm not too worried either. I did manage full credit on my quiz last week, so... here's hoping for some continued fortune.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drum roll please

Hallo again.

So that math quiz I took? I got full credit on it! :3 Yee hee! I have a math exam tomorrow--I can only hope I do so well on it.

I slipped down the stairs this weekend and injured my knee again. So I've been limping terribly, and been in a lot of pain. But, I take pain meds and get through my days well enough. I'll rest it up this weekend and ice it a whole lot. No worries.

I also give my speech tomorrow, which won't be so bad. It's only 5 minutes, which is one-third of a talk at church. Easy pickings. I also know my class really well, so it'll be just talking to my friends. I'm not that worried.

Right. Need to get through tomorrow, and then I have a nice weekend. I somehow reinstigated my headaches, so I'm dealing with those as well. Peachy keen.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October goes by...

What the--? Where did the month go? Sheesh...

I realized this evening that next week I have to present my project in Speech. Blah... I thought it was later. I have my sources all picked out, I just need to prepare the speech. Gr. Gr! Whatever.

So my weekend will be busy with speech preparations. I have a quiz in Math tomorrow, too, but that won't be so bad. I just need to review my notes tonight, and then again tomorrow.

To do this weekend:
[ ] Speech assignment
[ ] Costume shopping!
[ ] Write more of the SC
[ ] Start drawing CJ
[ ] Read!

I'm gonna fly on down

*yawn* It feels very early. I did not get enough sleep.

Today is a short day of school, thank goodness. I will go to class and then take a nap. But at some point, I will go buy some puffy paints so I can paint Brady's onesie, per Laura's request.

*yawn* Yesterday, after Anthropology class, my classmate Luka (sp?) decided to hang out with me before out next classes. We sat in the library and he read some book for his next class, and I drew. But we did talk a lot. He's very nice and very bright.

I did, somehow, manage to forget that my Speech class had an assignment due. 20 points down the drain... must make it up by being super in every other aspect. -_-

And my Sociology teacher gave me a book to read. Yeah.

Institute tonight. I decided I need to be more adamant about going--need to really stick to it. So I will. Starting tonight. I won't miss another night!! *determined*

Monday, October 15, 2007

Title! I am lacking one

Awesome. Awesome! AWESOME!

Here's a true story. When we went to England years ago, we popped into a big fancy bookstore and I bought myself two lovely, paperbacks out of the Narnia series. Really pretty covers. I love them. I really wanted the rest though, and for years have pined away for them. My Dad went off to England this week, but it turns out the books are now out of print! Oh noes! So I scoured the internets and found the rest of the books. I ordered them and now they will come to me. Yay!

I also went to Laura's today to help her so she could get some housework done. Brady is cute, as always.

A package arrived for me today, as well. It's the commission Emi did for me! I am so very happy to have it!! I can't even breathe!



I wish to be a tiny popple.

Anyway, popples aside. School. I had taken my anthro midterm last week, yeah? And I got my score back today--horray for me, I got a 38/40! I am rocking the exams this quarter! Need to keep that up.

I need to be cleaning the house and then going to my sisters. Baby needs watching.

Coming soon! My favorite LolCats!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Needing something to go on

I damaged myself. Again. *vent anger here*

I somehow hurt my legs. Two separate incidents, if you can believe it. On Monday, I wore my fancified new shoes to school. Super cute, life was special. But I carved a thick line of blister into the heel of each foot. Huzzah. So, I am off those shoes until the blisters heal. But, the same day, I did so much walking, my thighs have seized up. They're sore and taught and weak now. And I did something to my knee, too, as a result. I can't walk normal and it keeps giving out. I wore a knee brace today, but it didn't really help. Anyway...

Bad times behind, good times ahead.

Tuesday evening I drove up to Palo Alto and a bunch of us surprised James at work for his birthday. He made his "you're all weird" faces and rolled his eyes, but he totally loved it. We brought him cake and balloons. Both are entirely irresistible. And we all met up at Brian's, and while everyone else watched the debates, James and Tanya and I played Gin. I won.

I had a math exam on Tuesday. I studied really hard and it paid off--I got a 91%!! Yee! I had an Anthropology midterm today, so we'll see how I did next week.

Have some stuff to do this weekend for school. I should get it done soon. I'm taking Brock to the airport tomorrow. He's meeting Laura and my Mom in Arizona.

Time to ice my knee before bed.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I might be crazy

Halfway through my second week of school. Actually, 3/4 way through. Tomorrow being Thursday.

I need to hook up my printer/scanner/BFF to my computer again. I miss being able to print and scan.. mostly print. I want to print my script and start drawing. :o

I saw Gwen today, which was so nice. We got to talk and I gave her her presents. We're hoping to hang out this weekend and celebrate our birthdays.

Laura and Brady were over all day today. Yay! :3 And, Emi (the creater of The Way to Your Heart) emailed me that she's going to start my commission soon! So excited!! Ah, yes. I commissioned her for a drawing. Pretty cool! *wiggle* Thinking about it gets me so excited!

I should go to bed. Tomorrow is a long day of classes and I need to be rested. Sure do.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's super effective!

What a nice relaxing day today was. Mostly. :3

I woke up at a reasonable time, but lounged a little. I love to lounge. I get to lay in my robe, and PJs and play my DS. It's lovely.

I got up and changed, and scurried out the door to run some ever so mysterious errands (Mom's birthday is tomorrow, hint hint). Took a few hours, cause I had more than one stop. I actually made... four stops. Yeah. I am, though, as a result of said errands, the proud new owner of number 151, thank you very much.

Had a budding headache when I got home, which freaked me out. So I popped one of my headache pills (don't worry, they're aren't addictive, at all) and undid my pony tail. And read some comics for a few hours.

Now it's late, and tomorrow is my last Sunday in the Stanford 1st ward *sob* and then I'm in the Monta Vista ward *yay* so I'll be hopping in the shower in a moment. And... that's about it!

Bye for now!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hurray hurray

And so ends my first week back in school. I still enjoy it! Which isn't much of an accomplishment, actually. I'd be sad if I didn't enjoy it. And now I feel like I'm rambling.

On to greener subjects! Like... um... I got my Student ID card! Finally! Took two years, but I did it. Ha!

And I have no classes tomorrow, which pleases me to no end. I want to get my homework done, watch The Village (I still haven't T_T), and paint.

Actually. I want to paint right now. Hm! I think I shall. Fo sho.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dancing with myself

This is weird. It's 9:30 at night, pitch black out, and I can hear birds chirping like the sun is coming up. Crazy birds. X)

So, second day of classes. Phew. Long day! But... good. Anthro was good. Discovered a girl I knew in the class, so I got to sit next to her and feel less alone. Plus the guy next to me was so funny and nice.

And Speech seems good. The teacher is hilarious and raucous. She isn't going to give us a final or a midterm--says the class is about us learning and understanding ourselves. If we're comfortable with ourselves, communication will be easier. I will definitely like it.

Sociology seems like it'll be a battle for my beliefs and personal politics, but it'll be so interesting, and I'll have to think so hard about the world and what affects it.... it'll be really good.

And I got into Trig! Yay! The teacher is really articulate, and interesting. He seems like he'll be awesome. The room is clean and bright too. And rather than a tiny desk, I have a big one that I share with the person next to me. Basically, this class will be the opposite of my last Trig course. Super!

All in all, I like my teachers. They're all bright, good people, who are dedicated to their subjects and determined to help us improve. They're all treating us like college students, not high schoolers, and I respect them. I hope this all keeps up and they don't let me down. But I don't think they will. :D

We watched the season premier of Bones tonight. And though House was also on again, we're all a little tuckered out. And it's still on right now, anyway. We'll watch it tomorrow. I also want to finally watch The Village. While there's day light, of course.

Okay, I should be asleep soon, so.... nighto!

Monday, September 24, 2007

As time goes by

Awesome. I'm finally FINALLY back in school. Golly, it has been so boring without it! Sheesh.

I had Anthro today, which was cool. The teacher is fun, and seems bright and interesting. I MUST stay focused this quarter. I cannot get distracted! >:-[

But seeing as it's my only class on Mondays and Wednesdays, I've a whole day to spend now. Mom and I are going to buy my books, though, which will be nice! :D And then I can study for anthro. And then I will *gulp* watch The Village. While there's day light!!!!!! Or I'll die of fright! T_T

Eek eek!

On the headache front, I have no headaches if I take my medicine on time. If I miss a dose, or I'm late on one, it comes back. Super fun, eh?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ad Libs

I'm really [adjective] of these [physical ailments]. I'm [1st adjective], too, but I really love [cute male nickname]. I also love [food], but I'm not allowed to enjoy it. Lame!

I didn't do much today, other than [verb] fitfully, take [1st physical ailment] medicine, and babysit [cute male nickname] all day. He was such an [positive creature], hardly [verb], ate all his food, and [verb] galore.

I have suddenly heard a [adjective] sound! That makes me want to [verb] upstairs and [another verb].

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I may have a big nasty head ache, but when I saw that am number 1 on the wait list to my math class....

In other news, I went to the doctor about my headaches yesterday. She thinks I have migraines. Hm. I thought so too. She gave me some prescription medicine to take. I'm supposed to keep a headache journal, too. And take the meds. And come back in a few weeks. -_- Super.

So I woke up this morning in a whole lot of pain, took the meds, and went back to bed. Whatever. My head feels better, but I think it's from the Dr. Pepper I took. Ho hum.

I painted yesterday, too. Been working on a painting for my sister and her family. She asked me to do it a while ago (year) and now I'm getting it done again. Hurray!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A change in plans

Or I would paint outside, if my easel was within reach. Rather than in the back of garage behind a bunch of heavy objects.

I suppose I could appeal to my parents on the stance that my brother painted in the same bedroom, on the same table while he lived in it. And if he was allowed to, why not I? This painting is small detail work, so it's essentially the same. And, my paints aren't in small buckets, open top and watery. Mine would be on a flat tray or in tubes. NOT watery. Not tip-overable. No sire.

But seeing as today does not appear to be very paint worthy.. And I feel the need to be productive... I may read. Or watch a movie. Sheesh, why do I feel like I'm neglecting something important?

Painting is fun!

I want to paint today. I might dig out my paints and canvases and have a go. I need to finish the Temple. I also want to start a project I've been thinking about. :3

I can paint outside. Nice and clean. Yeah. ^_^

Monday, September 17, 2007

Last monday before school

7 days before school starts. ^_^ I'm actually excited!

Best blog post ever!

Ha... Good times.

I slept in way too late today. I got up at, I think, 1:30? Ugh. Ugh! UGH! Wretched. I need to not sleep in that late. No wonder I had a head ache all day. Sheesh.

I went down to 24 Hour Fitness and looked around. I'm pretty interested in joining, for sure. It's so close, and seems pretty good. And it wouldn't be too expensive. :) I found a 7-day trial membership online, so tomorrow I'll go in and work out a bit. If I like it, I'll go the rest of the week. And if that all is good, then I'll really push Dad for the membership. But, I'm sure it'll be good. The employees seems really nice, and they offer free Yoga classes on Monday evenings for their members. It all seems to be so perfect. I hope it works out.

Ran some errands today, too. Wanted get a little something somewhere, but they didn't have it. Maybe I can ask them to contact me if they get one. Or I can buy one online. That seems more likely to happen.

Awesome, well, I'm tired. I've just showered and washed up for bed, so I think I will actually GO to bed. But first...

Happy birthday, Gwen! :3 Yay! Yay! It's your birthday! Hope it was a good one! <3

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Your personality test results came back

As I prepared for sleep tonight (which took a very long time, due to my sheer exhaustion), I realized that I really am not in shape. I'm not fat, or over weight, but I'm not in shape. And that's not good for me. I already knew I wanted to join a gym, but now I know for sure. Monday, I'll go check out 24 hour fitness, which is right around the corner from my house. Maybe it's good.

Today, though, was good. Or rather, yesterday was. Er.... hm. Saturday! Was good.

I baby sat Brady in the morning, and he was oh-so-pleasant and cuddly. He ate two bottles, had two naps, smiled, and coo'd. He was marvelous.

I hopped in the shower around 1PM, to get ready to go out. And at 3:30, I was out the door and on my way to Brian's. He, Justin, and I picked up Sachi,and the four of us scurried up to San Francisco to attend the Professional Volley Ball tourney. That was really cool, actually. I was a little lost at first, simply because Volleyball was always a little vague to me, but I got really into it and soon we were all cheering like crazy! It was super fun, and SUPER cold. We were all very numb. Br!

And then, it was back to Palo Alto. We were SO tired, but it was only 9 by the time we got back, so we joined Whit's good bye party, and had a blast! It turned into a dance party, and there was a whole lot of crazy dancing and pictures taken. I was so insanely out of it, I would have thought I was drunk, were I not mormon and completely sober. D'oh! X)

The worst part of the entire night, was the drive home. I was partially bummed about Whit leaving, distracted by my thoughts, tired, and my knees hurt crazy bad. And to make it all better? 280 S was bumper-to-bumper traffic. At 11:30 at night. Not cool! I could see the red snake curving out of sight! And there were three, open, yet full, lanes. One lane--just one--was blocked off. Gr! I had to get off at El Monte, and drive El Camino to 85, just to get home. I didn't even get home until 12:15... Gr.

But, even though that was an entirely too frustrating situation, I'm still very happy and tired. My day was marvelous and I had such a good time in the city.

I'm going to pass out in my bed, before I pass out in my chair.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hate headaches

Blar. I have another migraine today. -_- Probably from the cake and soda I had at the party yesterday. Lame.

Dan and I went to lunch at this Fish 'n Chips places called "Race Street" on (you guessed it) Race Street. Trés good! I'm nice and full.

Tomorrow there's a BBQ I want to go to, so I'll see if I can swing it.

For now, I'll lay down.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm looking for suggestions on how to be oneself.

This was a good day. Tidied my room a bit more! Relaxed. Enjoyed a birthday party. Yeah. Life's good. Good.

Tomorrow I have lunch with Dan before he goes back to school (which I ma way too cool for--until the 24th).

Tra la la!

Monday, September 10, 2007


My mind is a flutter of images and words. That's how I get when I think about my story. My big, beautiful story.... <3

I need to get it done. I need to really start it. I have the first chapter outlined, but that's not really much in comparison... Mostly, I do character designs and backgrounds. I want to type up planetary histories/backgrounds and such. It's one thing to draw someone out, it's another to know them entirely.

Like Litote. She's so beautiful and has such an amazing story.

I must work more on the story. Must do it...



Things to do before I start school (updated)

I start school on September 24. That's very exciting. I'm taking 17 quarter hours worth of courses, so I'm going to die. Ah well... It'll be worth it.

But I have things I'd like to get done before I start school. Big things. Important things. Let's go!

[x] Make a pie
[x] Giveaway a pie (I took it out in public)
[x] Make my room comfortable
[ ] Catalog rock collection (photos, labels)
[ ] Start drawing the "big project"
[ ] Finish the books stacked on my nightstand
[ ] Have a consistent sleeping schedule
[ ] Sell all old school books
[ ] Obtain a large beanbag (buy or make)
[x] Buy at least one new skirt/dress
[x] Buy at least one new shirt
[ ] Buy white converses (if funds are willing), and perfect them

Lots to do. I should like to get most of them done-- realistically, I won't get them all finished. But some are more important to me than others and shall be driven towards first.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

You're not allergic.

Current status: 129/150 and 85/150

Tomorrow being Monday, I have many decisions to decide. I believe I should like to go to FHE tomorrow, as well as clean the upstairs with my Mum. If I manage to get myself to FHE, I hope I remember to take care of something important.

I would like to get some drawing done, based off that script Gwen and I perfected, this week. I should very much like to hang out with said Gwen.

Also hoping I ride my bike a bit. That'd be healthy.


I will miss my ward. I have decided that. Today I saw them all scattered about, chatting it up, and I suddenly missed them. I won't see them every week once this month ends. I'll hardly see them at all. See them if they invite me to parties and et cetera.

But, I will be with my old ward again. Monta Vista ward is a good ward and full of people I love.

There's just a few specific things I will miss about Stanford 1st... But anyway. It isn't fair to remain in my ward when I live 25 minutes away. I'm hard to access so my home teachers and visiting teachers can't easily reach me. And if any guys decided to ask me out, they'd have to drive all the way down to Los Gatos. That's not very fair! And it's just not fair to my friends.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

ナエちゃん and whatever it means

I don't speak Japanese. I don't read it either. This is never really much of a problem. Occasionally, food or a toy will find its way to me and it is inscribed with naught but Japanese characters. I will usually ask Dan to translate at some point. It never really bothers me. I know トトロ is totoro. That's about it.

But I was playing a video game--enjoying myself marvelously--and traded via the interwebbernets with someone (be them in Japan or a big fat fan of Japan) who named their critter ナエちゃん. When the excitement wore off, I found myself slightly put out. I have been placed in a situation where I cannot call this creature by name because his name happens to be ナエちゃん which means NOTHING to me except "you can't read me!"

Well, more interwebbing has brought to the conclusion this... ナエちゃん must be the japanese title of said creature. But, I am suspicious... I think ちゃん is -chan. Maybe... I poured over the katakana and hiragana for a while. Half the name is katakana, the other half is hiragana. That's weird to me... not weird in general. Just weird, to me.

UPDATE: Also! This person I traded with? They are パ-ル

That's interesting

Hmmm! My days are progressing! Weird.

This morning I woke up around 9, and Mom and I made a pie. A raspberry pie! Yes, I made one. :) We found two excellent recipes off and it turned out perfectly! I took it to my birthday party. Sam threw it for me, a pie party where we watched Howl's Moving Castle. Everyone liked my pie. The crust turned out SO flawlessly, my dad thought it was store bought. X)

Tomorrow is my stake conference. I didn't go to tonight's session, though. I feel bad. I'll go tomorrow, though. If I don't, though, I'll go to the Monta Vista ward or my parents ward. Mmm... I have no idea what I'll do, actually.

People on TV are hollering at each other and being stupid. I want to play some video games. I'd also like to take some pictures of my rocks too.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Rilo Kiley is the awesome

Tonight was my birthday surprise with Karren. Every year, she takes me somewhere and it's always a blast. The last 3 years we've done amazing musicals. This year? A Rilo Kiley concert. I am so happy, I can hardly breathe. She handed me the tickets and I screamed and jumped up and down! OH! So awesome! And we had a super yummy dinner and desserts!

And we got the best parking because of my handicap placard! A block away! And the only stood in line for 10 minutes or so, and then got killer KILLER seats! We were on the ground level, in the front section. But on the second tier, in the front, so we got to lean on the rails and had no one blocking our view!!! And the opening band was awesome (Grand Ol Party) and then Rilo Kiley came out!

Jenny wore this awesome gold mini dress, and gold shoes! And Blake wore some awesome shirt and slacks and a vest--looked slick! And they were SO good! Playing old classic songs (Arms Outstretched, Spectacular View) and new ones (Portions for Foxes, Silver Lining). OH, when Silver Lining came on, they threw these GIANT silver balls out into the crowd and we smacked them around! And at the climax of the song, one of them popped and gold confetti flew EVERYWHERE! And the rest popped! Later, Jenny pulled two fans onto the stage to dance!

I'm so tired!

My voice is shot, and my ears a bit ringy.

I'm so happy!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Angry babies

It's like... awesome.


Today I finally realized I'm not mature enough for many things. I mean, honestly. I often feel like I'm very mature because I get to do things which, to me, have always seemed so very "grown up." Like driving. I drive. Hurray. But I also like video games and comics. Which isn't bad, per say, merely... childish. Repeat, it isn't bad and doesn't make me any less of anything. It's just not something I can utilize in my social interactions with my adult friends.

I have a lot of growing up to do. Someday, I'm sure, I'll move past many things that I enjoy now. Onto other things, which I will enjoy as well. I can't pin point a time in which I will, but I will all the same. I moved on from carebears, and the like. Now those are memories. Fond ones. And someday, this will be too. I have no problem with that. I will enjoy them while I do.

I will also, though, build up the more mature aspects of my life. Reading, thinking, et cetera. I will develop more self-discipline and an even stronger desire to serve. I know I am mature in some ways. When I don't feel like I have my mom taking care of me, I take care of things myself. I don't mind, either. I clean up messes, do the dishes, and even go to bed at a decent hour. It's just that I know it won't get done unless I do it. And I want things done.

Someday, I will mature more fully. And I will aim towards it. But if I force myself to get rid of things I enjoy for the sake of maturity, I will regret it and be a little bitter towards myself. I will also have a lingering sentiment towards those things, which will never quite vanish. And then, I'll always be a little immature.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm colllllld

Really really cold. Brr!

So, I was feeling headachey all day. It was the uncool. I lay down all day, and even took medicines. Still headachey. Blah. So I took a hot bath, which was really nice. :) I felt a lot better afterwards. Even more nice!

But I went downstairs and hopped on my puter. I read some stuff, and looked some stuff up, and then promptly felt angry at what I found. Non-specifics, but I was infuriated. It was a bad time. A dark time. Gr.

I wanted to cheer up, so I opened up word and began writing the script for my big project. I wrote, and wrote, and I have 13 pages of script! Which equals out to being 67 pages of actual product. X) I feel great! That's the first chapter!!

So, now I'm tired, and infinitely more cheerful. So I shall sleep.

A futigive in the car?

I feel sluggish this morning. I fell asleep around 12:30 or 1, woke up at 3:45 for some reason. Woke up again at 5:30. Then again at 7:45. And again at 9:15. I finally gave up, and got up. But I'm still tired and sluggish. Urg.

I'm going to go take pictures of my rocks some more. I took some last night. Should be able to finish up today. :D

I also want to paint my nails! I should do that really soon, though, since I'm picking up James from the airport at 12.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The swiss SHOULD make tanks like that

Threadless is the awesome! Because today was sale day, I got some shirts! $10 a tee! So worth it. I got 3 new shirts. I am very, very happy. :)

I got one with stars on, one with a sandcastle, and another with a tank.

Yeah. Life is good when you have cool shirts.

I salute you, sir

Tomorrow I'm picking up my friend from the airport. Sometime around noon. He'll call when he lands.

I took some naps. They were nice and relaxing. I feel less headachey. Although... I did take two excedrin and a flexirol when I woke up. Nice a relaxing. I ended up laying on my bed, playing video games. Though, now the meds have worn off. So I'm in some pain, but I can't take the excedrin or it'll keep me awake all night. So I might just go to bed, while I still can.

I debate whether I shower tonight, or tomorrow. Hm.

Headaches cause explosions

I'm about to faint. I wish I were kidding. I don't really know why I'm writing this. I can hardly think straight. That may be the reason, actually.

My headache is back, with a fury. A blinding, excruciating fury. It's like my head is on fire, under pressure, and being hammered on by a miner. When I move my head and neck, it hurts. I am not happy, to say the least..

Dad and I went to Gilroy this morning. I got two new skirts. :) Yay.

He's going to be tired and not feeling well when he gets back from the picnic. I left the picnic early, but he's still there. Poor Dad..


Ugh. I think there's something wrong with my pillow (pilluh!) because for the past two mornings I've woken up sore, and with a kink in my neck. On the right side. I think I've been sleeping on my right shoulder again. I usually can't, but when I slept on the couch, I could! Super! But once I moved back to a bed, I think that ability stopped. Now I'm suffering for it. Blah...

Dad and I are going to Gilroy, for shopping. It's a sale day, after all, and I have gift certificates!! :D I hope I find a skirt!

I'm still a little sleepy. But, when we get home, I might go visit the labor day picnic.. Maybe.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A severe lack of energy

Hungry... hng...

I'm a bit sad. My bishop told me he's transferring my records out of the ward and to another one. All because I don't live in the ward boundaries anymore. 9.9 Sheesh. So this is my last month in the ward.

My friend, Sam, agrees that I need to celebrate my birthday before I leave the ward. I want a pie party. Pie and Amelie. Amelie makes a pie in the movie, so that works. Plus, it's my birthday party-- if I say something has pie related to it in some form I should be agreed with. Thoroughly and without fail. So I think this Saturday afternoon it shall come to be. Pie, Amelie, and my birthday. Huzzah! Pie!

Also. My mom is out of town, leaving me and my dad to fend for ourselves. So far, we have not eaten or slept, and I suspect a bear may be trying to get into the house.

The remainder of my Sunday shall be spent as thus: lying in my bed. Possibly reading, possibly playing video games, possibly taking pictures of rocks. I shall also, more than likely, eat. Sleep seems to drift in and out of my radar, so I may come to a head with that. All in all, I think I shall be useless.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Buckle it all down

Last night, I was so completely awake. I fully intended to go to bed, but couldn't sleep. So I unpacked some of my things. My room is now fully equipped with a large rock collection, books, artbooks, sketchbooks, blankets, and other decorative things. Feels nice and roomy.

I need more cases for my rocks, though. Hm. I have a little bit of money... something like, 20 dollars. Give or take a few. I could buy the remainder of the boxes I need. It's just so scary to have them sitting out, unprotected. O_O What if they fall? This is very stressful.

And in the course of unpacking my rocks, I thought I had lost some! Which made me realize I need to catalog my rocks. I can take pictures and upload them to my computer. I will do that.

But first, the downstairs needs so crazy cleaning action!

Friday, August 31, 2007


I've been suffering from some pretty severe migraines for the past, oh... week. It's been something akin to purgatory. But I didn't know they were migraines! I thought they were just some inexplicable headaches. That taking pain meds would cure me of it. That eating meals with lots of protein and vitamins would help too!


My Dad was swift to identify them. And quick to inform me of what measures to take. I am to not eat:
Caffeine (not hard)
Cheese (Not too bad, either)
Chocolate (Um...)
Sugar (?!?!?)
This all makes me very sad! But I must bear it... I have sworn off milk until the headaches cease, because I feel it too closely related to cheese. And experience has shown that after I drink milk, my headache lasts and lasts-- depite taking the headache medicine.

I am suspicious of the headache medicine! It's excedrine. Does that not have caffeine? I thought it did... seems rather silly.


I want to make a pie. I don't make pie, though. I never have, actually. I don't know how. I want to learn. I want to find a recipe, and buy some fruit things (blackberries?) and make a delicious pie. Or maybe a raspberry pie. Or a chocolate pie. Either way, a pie! I want to make one! And then, give it to someone. I should make a tester first, though. Pie can turn out wrong, I hear. -._-.

I want them to have cute little patterny things on top. The weave pattern, or something. That'd be the awesome! :D

Friday, August 17, 2007

Huh what?

I've recently felt old fears creeping back into my mind. Social fears. Fear that springs up when I look into someone's face. I fear they wish I would go away. If I call, I'm afraid they don't want to talk to me. Same with IM. And emailing. And plain old talking. Afraid they wish me away and I can't take a hint. Heh. This is the fear that makes me act confident and loud-- if I act like everyone wants me, everyone will. Right?

I think my pain meds are getting to me. I feel shaky-- been feeling so all night. My chest feels shaky and my limbs feel quivery and heavy (like lead). I often need to rest them limply at my sides. And take deep breaths. Maybe I should eat something; I might be hungry.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More turns

Okay, so things have gotten better on the school front. I reapplied for that math course today and I was allowed to be wait listed, so I feel lucky! I was lucky that I got the classes I wanted at the times I wanted, even.

I've also been working on the year long schedule some more. Need to factor in Pre-calc classes. Some Chemistry or Physics too. Maybe I could retake my Geology course. I would enjoy that. I still have my book and notes. :) I'll definitely reconsider it!

I'll later post up my entire plan. When it's complete.

I'm waiting for a call back from a girl I know who worked as a receptionist for this Dentist I want to work under. She's going to give me advice. I hope this works for me... It would be perfect.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Life turns

Haaa... I'm tired. In a good way. I suppose?


Today I realized that I didn't know when I was supposed to register for my Fall courses. So, an hour and a half before a party, I popped on-line to check. And my heart plummeted. My registration date was July 25th!!!! I am almost a month late! Oh noes!!

So I ran around the house looking for my important papers file box. And then I tore that apart looking for the list of courses I still need for my GE. Found them, but I had to redo it. I only need 4 more! :D Whoa! I could, technically, get them all in this quarter. You know... if I wanted to die...

I quickly sorted through the courses online. Found the best teachers, the best days, the best times, organized for this quarter, signed up, and hurried to dinner.

Dinner was great. Cheesecake Factory is so very good. :) It was nice to be with my friends, to feel so wanted and pleasant. It was so nice. <3 I love my friends.

Got home around 10:15 and relaxed. I'm in the process of mapping out the remainder of my De Anza career. I can't finish tonight because the student login is down for the evening. I have to wait until tomorrow. I did my best for the evening. Fall is, obviously, mapped. I believe I know two courses which I will take in Winter, and know one for Spring. I need to figure out how to get my science classes in, too.

This quarter I'm taking Philosophy, Speech, and Astronomy. I was going to re-take that last math class (Trig) due to the horrendous grade I got, but for some reason the system would not allow me to take it again. I am going to assume it's because I'm trying to take it right away-- it just occurred to me that I might have signed up for it during Summer term. But I dropped all my Summer courses before it even started because I needed a break! So, I may have used up my chances to retake it! NO! I can't have screwed myself over already?!

I need to talk to a school counselor to figure out how to get around that. Maybe they'll allow me to take it again once they understand I needed Summer off.

=_= I feel stupid, oh so stupid. It's insipid how stupid I FEEL! I'm so stupid, I can hardly believe I'm real.

I'm going to map out my life some more...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In which I learn to longboard

Yes, I have learned the ways of a skater. I can longboard now. I can pump, get on, steer, and even wipe out. I have wiped out. I did a big one and got a fat bruise on my thigh. James had to carry me to the elevator. But I'm okay now, just a bruise-- it felt like it would have hurt more to walk on than it did. But I am ADDICTED to the longboard. I want one now.

Monday, May 28, 2007


It's not that I don't write in my journal. Or blog. I do. Just, I do it at MySpace. I'll try to be better here. It's a little different though. I mean, MySpace is not only my blog place but also... hm. Something else, I'm sure. I keep going back. Probably for the bulletins.

But I'll be better!

See what I made today?

Pretty sweet.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Huh, all that stuff helped.

Scary stuff.

While out in Stevens Creek Canyon yesterday, helping my friend with a movie she had to film, one of the other actors started complaining about his arm feeling numb. And then he started shaking. No one else knew what to do, but I remembered some stuff out of my first-aid training in Young Women's. So we got him onto the trail and had him lay down and propped his legs up. He started to get really out of it, so I asked him questions for about 15 minutes. I made him drink water and splashed some on his arms and face. I'd sent a girl to run down the trail until she had a signal on her phone and then to call 9-1-1, and I guess she found a hiker on the way too because he came running up and helped me. The paramedics came, at last, and they helped him. By the time they arrived, he was pretty awake. But he couldn't really talk much.

But, he's okay now. It's all good. It was just really stressfull.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm an auntie...

I'm officially an Auntie. The baby has been born. He is flesh blood and air now. No more inside my sister. Entirely his own self. I have never felt so much love for one being before. Especially considering I haven't even seen him yet. Heh.

Bradley David Lyle.

I love him so much. I can hardly wait to be with him as he grows up.

Laura says he has her hair. Lots and lots of it. Heh. Cute. She also says he has Brock's mouth and chin. Heh heh. Good. Brock has a good chin and an EXCELLENT smile. Laura has gorgeous hair too. He has his grandpa's names, too. Bradley Lyle and David Thomas. What a lucky kid.

What a lucky woman I am.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Followed by a sheer coat of "awesome"

I like to think I'm awesome, from time to time. It makes me feel good about myself. Prevents the saddies from forming, yeah?

On occasion I get another person out there who supports my personal awesome. But I usually know those people. Which is totally cool. I love knowing people.

But it's such a trip when someone you don't know, but enjoy reading about about, builds on your "awesome theory." Such was the case just moments ago, as I poked my head into the blog which is by a dog named Tatanka-- a daily must read for me being that is is written by an adorable dog. I occasionally throw out a comment or two, but never expected them to be read, let alone the foundation of an actual entry!


Is that not amazing? I felt amazing. Awesome and amazing.