Friday, May 23, 2008

A thousand ways

I worked. All. Day. Oh. Man. I'm so tired. Dead.

I got there an hour early due to miscalculations on my part of travel time. Ah well. And then I read the handbook for an hour, signed stuff for a half hour, and then tore the covers of magazines for an hour. I shelved books the rest of the day (5 hours of shelving). I got a ticket for parking in one place too long, but it was implied they would cover it because someone told me I could park there. I hope it is. I kind of need all the money I can get. Shelving... shelving. SHELVING. *twitch* I didn't finish shelving the fiction cart I loaded out.

I move in a week. Woo!

Feeling a little overwhelmed right now, though. Yeah... It's staggering me. I need to take tomorrow after school off. I work on Monday, so Saturday is my day. Yo.

Sometimes, music makes my heart hurt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

On the progress of Al kind

Al being me. Allison. Alli. Al. Grasp it?

I signed my lease. I move on the last weekend of May! Eek! X) I'm so excited!!! ^_^ A house and a room and roommates again! YAY!

Also. I got my job. Officially, I start tomorrow morning. Man! I'm excited. :3 That mans money. I have be extra thrifty and frugal. I will manage. I can't afford to spend money willy nilly because I will have barely enough to eat and buy gas with. And pay my rent.

I also have to make sure I finish getting into SJSU. So much to do... still. >_< Gwar!

I want to attend a comic/cartoon costume party in June, and I need to prepare my costume. Rogue. I shall be her. I'll be awesome!! :D

I have to write a paper due Saturday. I'll work on it a lot tonight, and finish tomorrow night. Yes.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life unfolds

My life is on the verge of drastic, permanent change. In so many ways. It's a bit intimidating.

Moving out again, hopefully in a more permanent manner, within the next month.

Going to a university in the Fall.

Getting a job.

Getting a car.

I mean, wow. So much change. And I keep changing internally as well. Making decisions and coming to conclusions. Some of them are very hard for me to make, and I will try to fight myself on them someday, if not immediately. But I'll rely on others to help me when I need it. And I do need it.

I hope I can see clearly and not be blinded by silly oddities.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I have a Twitter. Who knew? Not me. Didn't think I'd ever go there. I have. I'm there. I might possibly be the Mayor of Twitterville.

Ha ha, Twitter.