Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A few free moments

I go to work in 8 minutes. Wee.

I got 5 hours of sleep last night. Awesome. It felt good. :)

...uh. I do art all the time? School being all art classes. My cat is a crazy whiner. He sits around our doors and cries for hours on end for NO REASON. He has all the food he wants, we're always playing with him, and what else is there to cry for? It drives us crazy. And then he flies around the house and runs into things and knocks things over. He jumps on stuff and attacks our feet (without his claws, though, thank goodness). But he is NUTS.

Currently, cat is walking around the house crying. What a dumb cat.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Frozen Oceans

Today has been awesome. I mean it. Awesome. Stunning. A sky of spectacular colors and music. Good day. GOOD day.

Got a lot of sleep last night. Work was pretty good and productive. I got a Jamba Juice for lunch. I bought a new CD--awesome soundtrack to "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift."

And the highlight.

Shiny Toy Guns released a new song for us. I almost cried, it was so good. I can't stop listening to it. *shiver* I wish it had more Chad, but it's still awesome. If he was hitting some those notes though... I would probably have cried.

I need to soak in this song more. It inspired me for a piece.

Frozen Oceans by ~abthomas on deviantART

Monday, September 15, 2008

Awesome in a bottle

I feel pretty spectacular!

I had an AWESOME 21st birthday party on Saturday and some of my favorite people were there!!!! My amazing sister planned and put together the whole thing, because that's how she rolls. My parents came and everyone loved them, and my other sister brought herself and my nephew and everyone LOVED Brady's trick with the iPhone (he can turn it on and unlock it--he figured it out!!).

I bought two movies and borrowed a dozen movies I've been meaning to see! I should invite someone over to watch them with me. Sometime. *ponder* How delightful!

I'm very tired. I've been doing my homework, but still am not done. I am going to sleep in efforts to get some sleep. =_=

I may ask for the saturday after next off to sleep in and chill. Do homework, read, go for a motorcycle ride. Whatever. *peace*

Friday, September 12, 2008


Always tired. Too tired. =_=

We got a cat. He is small and orange and playful and loving. He is very cute and soft and crazy. He flies around the house and falls all over the place. I love it. He sleeps in not-my-room.

Not enough time in the day. *sigh*

Friday, September 05, 2008

Clothes and things I love

Doing laundry, Is the only free time I have. Clothes do not last forever. Also, had a long nap today.


Things I am looking forward to:

-Shiny Toy Guns in concert. October 1st. All other things are moot. STG is love. Chad Petree is love. This concert will fulfill a life goal of mine. Partially. The other part of that goal is, I shall admit, very unlikely *sob*.

-Weezer in concert. October 13th. With my Karren. My favorite concert/movie/musical/shopping/fun-thing-to-do buddy. Weezer should be pounds of fun. Pounds. Not ounces. Not quartz. Pounds. Both in weight and monetary worth. Fun band plus fun sister equals awesome memory for life.

-Alkaline trio/Thrice/Rise Against in concert. November 7th. This will be different than other concerts I have attended. The music being different than my usual style. Different crowd. Louder. Rougher. Funner. I shall, without a doubt, get bruised. How marvelous.

-Ludo in concert. November 12th. My most recent adoration. Very awesome. I hope they are good in concert. Must confess, sheer excitement of seeing the Moogle (What I call people who play "Moogs") because he is delightful.

Oh yes. In a two month period, I shall attend 4 concerts. Hence, I am trying to NOT spend money. Too bad money likes to be spent. It's goal in life is to be spent. Get around. Not stay locally. I try to convince--positively coerce--it into committing, but it is so rebellious. And I just can't stop it. I contemplate stashing the card and seeing how happy money is after that. I am sure it won't be so easy for it to get out to spend time with unsavory individuals. Climbing into registers. Caf├ęs. Even other people's wallets. I don't know where I went wrong--money has just gotten so out of control. What can I do other than take away the plastic? Will I allow money to go towards food? Food is the only friend I like money to associate with. I don't really like gas, but I know gas means well, so I accept it. But other friends are not allowed, but seem to come over anyway. Candy is fat and sticky and leaves messes all over my things. Books take up space and occupy my time. Music is loud and distracting. The problem is that I miss these unacceptable friends when they are not over--and encourage money to associate with them again. I am the enabler. What sucker I have proven to be.