Friday, February 29, 2008

Ozon oz spozeozak

Ozoh ozi ozam sozo hozappozy thozat ozit ozis thoze wozeozekozend. Ozi hozavoze bozeozen ozon thoze vozergoze ozof tozeozars ozall wozeozek. Ozi wozent tozo sozomoze bozoozok stozorozes ozand gozot oza bozunch ozof mozangoza.

Ozi lozovoze thoze wozeozekozend. Nozo rozespozonsozibozilozitozy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Epic win!

That's right, I win! EPICALLY! Bask in my epic glory. But I can hear you asking me, in muted tones, "But why do you win so epically Allison?" Well, my friends, I shall tell you.

Because I finished my paper. And the surf board. AND got sleep. That's right. I finished painting the surfboard and it looks great. There was so lacquer complications--mainly, the lacquer would not come out and I had to be rather forceful with it... heh--but they cleared up and I got a good solid layer or two on. It's currently drying in the garage.

Wings: A Surfboard by ~abthomas on deviantART

The paper was a little awkward at first. I was very tired and really did not want to write it. Not at all. I put it off far too late and started it completely wrong. I got very tired and decided to sleep for an hour, or two. Woke up came downstairs, reread the assignment and fixed all the problems. Wrote it in an hour, because it was a fairly easy paper. Go team.

And now, since it is still pitch black outside and I can only see the dimmest shades of the sky through the trees. I can see the fern outside the window clearly, but it obscures what would be visible of the fence. So I will leave you with this:

Humorous Pictures
Enter the ICHC online Poker Cats Contest!

Hey wait

What... what day is it? I'm completely confused. I keep thinking it's Wednesday, but everything is acting like Thursday.

I must have been spraying lacquer for too long... it seems to have become a permanent scent I smell. Scentifully. New word there. Use it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Say it ain't so

Doctor yesterday did not go as planned. Plan-ned. Not at all. We still don't know what's wrong, and now we don't think it's an ovarian cyst at all. As the doctor agreed, my body is a medical wonder. Alas.

It would appear I missed the sunrise today. The sky is just a creamy blue. No solidly formed clouds. A frappé of cloud and blue. I can actually see the nest in that tree clearly and all the leaves stuck in it. I can see the bark on the tree too, and how it's lighter on top with little veins of dark running around like fingering streams. This is a very pretty tree.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looked out the window, what did I see?

Going to the doctor today. Hurray. I can only hope it will get resolved, but knowing my luck, I'll just need more tests. Or they'll say it's nothing to worry about and it'll go away just take these medicines. And then I'll be sad inside for another week. Perhaps it will go away--but probably not. Whatever. Such is mango. I mean, life.

The sun is rising very prettily outside this window here. There's a leafy tree just past the short fence, and the clouds behind this tree are pink and purple. There's a nest in the tree, standing out quite starkly against the pink fluffs. And there's just enough light to see that the leaves are all green and the blossoms have bloomed into tiny, soft, white bouquets.

Good morning.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I love my dreams. I always have awesome ones. I've had entire stories spanning over two or three nights of sleep. They've been horror to romance to mysteries. I've had dreams in animation. Sometimes they're bizarre and make no sense.

I've written stories based off of dreams. And by based, I mean, copied word for word. At least three stories. Big long stories. I've drawn pictures I saw in my dreams. Paintings. Characters. I've dreamed about people I know, people I wish I knew, and people I can't remember once I've woken up.

I've never had a falling dream.

I've never had a naked dream.

I've never been a guy in a dream.

I've been other girls, myself, and even animals.

I've had dreams where I was someone in the dream. Also where I was watching like a movie. Dreams where I knew what every character was thinking. Where only what the main character was thinking. Where no one was thinking.

I LOVE dreaming.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I know my number, my telephone number

Rawk! Let the weekend begin!

Already I have slept until 2, had chinese food (EXCITING!!), and purchased two books. Would have bought more, except I refuse to buy books from a series that is incomplete... which is hard for those series which go on well past 20 books and I just want them... By now you may have guessed I am talking about comic books. Yes. I want to buy some. I have the money to... invest. :3 Bwaha. Monday.

Also. I like a good mystery. I do. One of my favorite types of mysteries are the kinds that occur around me! Wooo! Like... when I find I have missed a call and my thought process goes something like this.

Me: This is terribly exciting. I cannot wait to call back this person. Oh noes! I do not have this number in my phone, and therefore it could be a stranger or a person I dislike! I cannot call them now. But I want to know who they are! How can I discover this without being creepy?

I then proceed to the nearest internet and google said phone number (apparently belonging to someone I do not know anything of. Who are you and how did you get my number?).

I kind of hope they will call back so I can be mystified a little less.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More gum

Happy news! I'm painting another surf board. How awesome, yeah? I enjoyed the first one a lot, and this one will be cool too.

This is a star for the next week (give or take a day or two). A star. Starry star. *gleam*


I like my bed. A lot. I might love it. Hearts all around.

Reading is good too.

And music.

This music!
Anything by Shiny Toy Guns
"Ordinary" - Train
"Everybody's Fool" - Evanescence
"So Stop" - The Helio Sequence
"Under Pressure" - Queen
"Can't Wait to Get Home" - Golden Age
"Line of Best Fit" - Death Cab for Cutie
"Mercy Me" - Alkaline Trio
"Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
"Must Get Out" - Maroon 5
"Hear You Me" - Jimmy Eat World

Other than that? Same old. Same old.

Per Dad's Request

A positive post. Because I'm not positive enough.

Today, I woke up with enough time to get ready to go to school! I wasn't rushed or anything! :3 But somehow, due to circumstances, I stayed home. And in bed. I love my bed. Bed is awesome! But I will be going to my history class because I really have to take those notes and see that video and get back my test. I just have to!

I'll probably watch some TV. I have a whole bunch of awesome shows recorded and ready for me to see. How sweet is that! Maybe I'll make a phone call or two, for fun. Or lay down some more. :D

The end.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday was rough. Really rough. Jennifer's funeral was in the morning, I cried a lot. I have a permanent "crying headache" which is the pits. Didn't want to stay at home, so I found excuses to go out. Bought clothes, went to my sisters, went to FHE. If I was home, I was in bed.

But I got to vent and have a pleasant conversation just before bed, so that really cheered me up.

Never get enough sleep. But at least I can sleep, yeah? :) Sleep anytime.

Math class is canceled for today. Not for a good thing--my teacher's husband is sick. That is very sad. I feel badly for her. I hope he gets better.

Speaking of sick. I went to the ER on Sunday morning (early) because of sharp pain, which turned out to be an ovarian cist. How lovely for me. All in Tahoe, too. So no parents to be near me. But I had some friends who went with me and waited the entire time. 5 hours. How awesome of them.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not enough

I want to be negative right now. So go away if you hate negativity.

I feel... not so hot. I wish I could sleep for a few days. Unhindered... no stress. I'm so severely stressed, it's kind of a bad thing.

My eyes are burning.

I've been up for 3 and a half hours.

I have class now.

I am full of unhappiness and the desire to do nothing.

So not hungry.

I still enjoy playing Zelda. :3

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have stress. And a brand new headache.


I missed my first class, decided I could miss my second one, and actively went to the third class. Any time I wasn't in class, I was in bed asleep. Not kidding. So I feel rested!

But still stressed from school. So much stress, it's kind of insane. D:

Sad thing. My friend committed suicide. Don't know how else to say that. She did and it's very sad.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A conundrum

A legitimate question, Jonas.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

All I need is a hundred reasons

Updates in Alli's life:
-Going to the Doctor on the 11th for my wrist (sad)
-Had a headache all day
-Giants won in an amazing 4th quarter!!
-Sonicflyer is the B-E-S-T

I really enjoyed watching the SuperBowl. Especially the last two quarters. For my own reasons. The game was interesting, though. Really! I got so into it! But there were other things on my mind as well.


Sue still hasn't emailed me back. I'll give her until tomorrow afternoon, then give her a call.

Started having a migraine during the early afternoon. It's pretty bad now. I'll take my green pill with some juice and some other snackery.