Thursday, November 27, 2008

I beg for days to know

Yes. It is late. But I needed to fix my budget spreadsheet before I forgot. And I did. It is now awesome.

I am feeling in a relatively good mood. Being productive has that affect on me. Also, I got two Christmas presents done today. :D

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (today!) and I approach it with mixed feelings. Being allergic to gluten leaves a lot to be desired when eating. I can spend a fortune on gluten-free, almost normal tasting foods, but it costs (ha ha, sob) a fortune. I am not made of fortunes.

So this gluten free thanksgiving is the first of forever many. My family, though, has been entirely lovely and accommodating. My parents have invested in gluten free stuffing, pie, and something else I cannot recall. Lucky me, potatoes and jello and turkey do not have gluten in them or even in their foody minds. How truly awesome.

My sister, who is supremely cool, has taken to going gluten free too. We both have killer stomach problems and she is trying all kinds of things to see what helps. She was (perhaps still is?) going dairy free. She cut out high acidic foods. And now, no gluten.

Lack of gluten is rough. But I am determined to live, not survive--live, and to eat yumminess.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh noes!!!

I went to go to bed and discovered my clothes had congregated on it, sipped the thread kool-aide, and now I have a massive number of clothing corpses to dispose of. And it is very late. I am tempted to merely sleep beneath them.

Rar rar rar.

More time for me to exist, please.

For serious.

And missionaries are dangerous dodgeball players. When they put on the tag, they become terminators. Unbelievable strength in those boys. I wanted to catch a ball and it jammed my wrist. My good one. The one I have to use to do art with. *panic* I NEED that hand!!!!!!!!! I can't use it!!!!!! *├╝ber panic*

*runs away screaming*

Friday, November 07, 2008

My sister

My sister is insanely brilliant. She thinks through things before coming to conclusions. She works hard and dedicates herself to goals. She speaks eloquently and respectfully, and explains her views clearly. She is beautiful and strong and I admire her so much. :)

Here's an example of why:

Awesome smartitude

Check her out. She's an awesome sandwich.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What makes it Shiny...

Why I love my new CD the point of appropriate distraction.

Amazing lyrics combined with intense melodies.

It feels like you're letting go.
I beg for days to know
Why you're letting go.
Bring on the poison
Thoughts in your throat!
I beg for days to know
Why you're letting go.

Maybe it's all around to see
If we try.
And Maybe it's been inside of me
All this time.
Love love love...
Where did it come from and where
Does it go?
If it were right in front of me
Would I know?
Love love love...

A child in sound,
Fades away
For silence has spoken...
Painfully, I prepare a release
And poison takes me away.
From this world you left below,
I'm going to meet you,
I've come to take you home.

Call my name!
Answer me, where I stand.
Now the clouds are twisting higher,
Planting arrows away,
Loose in the darkness of the streets
Are my electricity.
This will go no further,
I swear, it dies today.
Your nights will stay forever
If you dare once more touch me.

These broken days won't last forever
You know I'll put us back together.
We climb! We crawl!
Tear down the wall
That we've torn down before!
It's not too late, this song will say
What I never say.

I mean, the lyrics are great and you don't even know how the music goes! Sad to be without it, I think.


Enter the Season of Poison with me.

I have been waiting for so long. I have it now. It is mine forever. Perhaps you have seen me quoting the lyrics.

"Painfully, I prepare a release..."

"She ricochets, yeah you don't notice..."

The list can go further. I could sing most of them by heart now.

Have a look. Live life more fully because of it. Shiny Toy Guns - Season of Poison (Bonus Track Version)