Saturday, November 03, 2012

Money and food

I eat breakfast, usually something like a bagel with preserves and a hot chocolate. I eat lunch, which varies so much, it isn't consistent. Today it was a grilled cheese and a pickle. I often don't have dinner, but today I had waffles and earlier this week, pasta.

I'd like to eat better. I like spinach, so spinach salads sound lovely for lunches, with a roll and a slice of ham and swiss. Juice or water. Breakfast seems like something I've got down. Dinner needs improvement, but I struggle since it is a lot of work and I share my kitchen and am very tired when I come home.

Also, food costs money.

Often, after I paid all my bills, I am left with only a little bit. Usually around $200. This month, I owed a friend $100 for a purchase they made for me, so after my bills and everything were gone, I was left with about $100, and two trips to the store later, I'm at $22.

$22 to last me until November 15th.

My credit card finally replenished a bit, so I have $300 in there, but I want to be careful because I still have to pay off whatever I spend there, so mustn't be careless.

So it isn't easy to eat healthy. I should like to plan meals for myself, and hopefully improve my eating habits and health.

I also need to spend my money on nothing but bills and food for the next month or two and see what is left to me. I expect I waste a lot of it on frivolous things.

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