Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rather arbitrary things I want in my life

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Biscuit.

A personal library, complete with squishy arm chairs, a window seat, nice lamps, and heavy curtains.

Secret doors and cupboards, everywhere, full of charming things.

An art/crafting studio (less arbitrary and more necessary, but, hey).

A big big bed (California King).

A big cedar chest, full of quilts.

A rack for my scarves.

An old, creaky house to live in, with a big, sturdy swing outside, under a tree that has good leaf changing colors. I'm not choosy about the tree.


All of these things are reasonably gettable. My current life style isn't conducive to them, but one day, I am hopeful to have them.

But they are arbitrary. They are not necessary, except the corgi and the art studio. Maybe the library and the bed (being long is rough).

I don't know, they feel pretty necessary or not difficult to do, so I look at them and think, "Is it so silly to want them?" I guess even my dreams and desires stay within a realm of "can do" rather than lofting up my wishes into "no, don't be silly." Like flying through space to see a nebula. I'd like to do that too. It isn't on my list though. I'm not that silly.

But, currently, my life is confined to a 10' by 10' room, and two shelves in a garage. I have a desk in the same, cold garage where I can make art and paint, but it is a cold place. I also have a 3' by 6' area in the garage that currently is the home of all of my storage boxes, yet to be stored. But that's my life, there. I haven't the space to spread out in, to make my own.

So one day, I imagine I will have that corgi and that art studio and that bed and a library and a person to share it all with. I didn't put a person to share it all with on that list, you notice. That person is not arbitrary.

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